My neighbour broke into my network and is using it. How do I mess with them?

  1. Make it like a utility bill. Attach an invoice and charge $0.05/query. Don’t forget to charge a $2.50 paper bill fee, $5 service delivery fee, $10 network infrastructure upgrade fee, and information about the $25/hr billing support fee.

  2. Two things you can do 1-use the MAC filter block their MAC address. 2-change the wireless access password to something that is not so easily guessed. 3-do both

  3. Here are some guidelines to protect Wi-Fi from neighbors and these are easy to follow and one can do that without any technical help as well.

  4. Yea I'm guessing OP had shitty password since they're not volunteering to say how they think the neighbor gained access. One that could be guessed with a dictionary list, or list of top passwords or maybe even a mask attack with haschat if the neighbor has some decent GPUs. Or he was still running WEP which is another issue.

  5. Intercept everything. Even install a transparent proxy and blatantly intercept all HTTPS. They'll get certificate errors left and right which will make most sites unusable. If they end up accepting the certificate, you can watch all their browsing.

  6. If he can route the traffic through a small system he has, ettercap allows for on-the-fly editing of packets.

  7. Install pi-hole? I guess that could he bypassed by them specifying their own DNS unless you block 53 outbound from their IP or all IP's other the pi-hole.

  8. You sure it is really somebody else and not just one of your own devices doing randomized Mac addresses? All recent iOS and Android phones do this.

  9. That's the hilarious part of this. OP is going through all this effort to try and mess with their "neighbor" but is going to end up just messing up their own phone 😅

  10. Yeah that ran through my mind too, but I made a nice list and matched all active devices on the network and everything checked out! But the giveaway was more funny, I wrote about it a few comments above

  11. Depending on your router you could limit his bandwidth or introduce a random packet loss. That will annoy him into leaving.

  12. Yeah this. Drop it like it’s hot asap. All he needs to do is browse some terrorist shit (because it’s not his internet ) and you’re guilty by association

  13. Rate limit the shit out of their connection, drop all packets for random intervals (100 - 1000 ms ) at different points in the day

  14. Change your SSID. Change your SSID password to something very long. Update the passwords for your AP or router, whatever is broadcasting your wireless

  15. Install a proxy and use a filter to invert all jpeg and gif files, or even better replace them all with dick pics.

  16. My home network is never used for anything critical, but also I know who this person is and I assume his skills are Google how to connect to someone’s wifi and one week of their time in between being a loud neighbor

  17. Does he go away if you change your wi-fi password? If so, just do that. I wouldn't want someone else on my home network, too much possible mischief. If he doesn't go away when you change your wi-fi password, then change your router password. That should take care of the issue without getting into a feud with a neighbor...never a good place to be in my experience.

  18. If he has hacked into your network all the devices on your network are at risk. Best not to play games but kick him off by changing your wireless authentication. Make sure that it is at least WPA2 and have a long strong passphrase.

  19. Oh of course that’s what I meant thank you for pointing it out! English isn’t my first language and sometimes contraptions like that happen :))

  20. Setup a squid server that serves content upside down. Setup rules to transparently proxy their content through said squid server. (I did this to a coworker many years ago following some instructions I found online!)

  21. That doesn't work nearly as well as it used to, given that almost all web content is encrypted nowadays and can't be proxied transparently. But it was an

  22. boot them, change the key, make sure AP is up to date, use WPA2/3 for the encryption WEP is useless at this point, disable WPS.

  23. I'd advise you to block the MAC, change your wi-fi password, try to figure out the weakness in your setup, and move on with your life.

  24. I am so flipping disappointed that noone had said this sooner. It was one of the first things that came to my mind, lol.

  25. Report them to whatever agency handles cyber crime in your area.. make sure you report the hacking, and that you suspect they have pedoporn, and hacked software (just to sink the hook )

  26. That's actually the right thing to do (except the part about pedophilia, best case scenario you ruin their life, worst case scenario they go after you too)

  27. Block him immediately. Allowing him continued access to your network is just beyond silly and shows you are extremely immature. Assuming this story is even real, of course.

  28. Wow i learned more about networking and internet here than in the university xD poisom dns https redirects certs installations.

  29. I'd see if there's a way to grab his MAC and if you have something like a pfSense / OpnSense router in the middle send all traffic to

  30. Sounds like your Wi-Fi was open and they connected. May not even know they connected to it. Just boot it off your network and change your passwords. Don’t be a child.

  31. There’s a proxy app that will return whatever they ask for, normally, except that every image will be upside down and backwards. :D

  32. OP, I hope you've simply been working for the past 22 hours and intend to return to respond to the many comments/questions. Nothing worse than ahole ghosting posters

  33. Yes!!! I’ve been crazy busy working and didn’t have time for Reddit. Also! I expected maybe two and a half comments at most, Crazy how many great comments and suggestions I’ve got!

  34. Just takes one time for him to look up CP and boom your the one in jail with a long expensive fight to prove it wasn’t you

  35. Not really how that works. They would have to execute a warrant and seize OP's computer and prove OP was the offender.

  36. If you a control app for your router you can pause their ip address. If you dont have an app for your router you can login to the config and turn on access allowed and exclude them from allowed list.

  37. If it still happens change the main network password and make the guest network open but set the speed to as low as it will go.

  38. Change the DNS on your network to a highly filtered DNS you can setup a free opendns account and he won't be be able to look up anything easy

  39. Man in the middle attack, and then drop their network for 2 seconds after each second, if they are playing online games, lags will be very high

  40. Dude, enable WPA2 or WPA3 with AES not TKIP, change the password to a random string generated by a proper password manager at least 8 if not 12 characters long, and be done with it. Also I'd personally install all updates to router firmware and/or specifically upgrade to OpenWrt.

  41. intercept his traffic ... mitm.. grab his passwords .. and after that turn his internet upside down.

  42. How is in your getting into your network wireless or a physical cable? Change the wireless password to something more complex after you block his device Mac ID. Don’t waste your time with the dude.

  43. What a waste of time. Knock him off and secure your network better. Unless your happy letting him root around your network while you devise some ultimate revenge prank. He’s your neighbor so he isn’t moving anytime soon. Perhaps you want this to escalate into one of those neighbor wars which isn’t good for anyone.

  44. Personally, if you want to mess with them the first thing you need to do is create a new firewalled network for your stuff and move everything of yours to that one before you do anything at all to them. If they have access to your network then they have access to your devices. Once they realize something is going on they may do something to your devices.

  45. Would you happen to have cable internet? If so, are you renting your modem/router? A lot of rented modems set up a secondary (MoCA) network on the cable line. This is used to provide internet to other devices in the house like a cable box. The way cable TV (and internet) works is that it is a shared medium (the same signals go to you and your neighbors house). So if your neighbors have any MoCA devices they might join your network from the inside. You should be able to log in to the cable modem and it will tell you if you have a MoCA network established. If you do, try turning it off and see if the neighbors device goes away. If you need the MoCA network you can install a filter where you cable enters your house. If you don't need it, just leave it off.

  46. That’s the sane and recommended route, I think that since I have to deal with it and spend the energy on it I might as well have some fun out of it!

  47. Depends on what kind of router you have. You could redirect all his traffic to yahoo or something or you could just limit his throughput to 14.4 modem speeds

  48. I use an Archer AX55 :) I didn’t install openwrt because networking isn’t really much my cup of tea, so Im ok with stock build

  49. I'd isolate the client if your router will allow you to do so, then QoS them into bandwidth hell! Give them dial up speeds. They will look elsewhere for connectivity pretty quick!

  50. You can tell what devices are connected to your network. If you got the right setup you can block his ips.

  51. Secure your main network, and set up a throttled free one that uses the upsidedownternet configuration, that uses ip tables to render all of the websites upside down. Throttle it severely.

  52. I went through a lot of these comments, while playing with the person I kind of get, I really would just change the SSID and the password. This is me being security minded.

  53. Haha, get a Gryphon. You can see their web browsing history and selectively block certain sites for their device. Watch a movie? Block it for 2 minutes.

  54. All of these replies saying you will get into trouble for things he looks up are ridiculous. If op has the Mac and ip, so will the feds. Who will they track that too? Not op.

  55. If he’s got in through wifi, all you need to do is change the Ssid and password .. and after you set up your devices to the new info, set the system to not publicize the ssid info

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