Smart lock for this door? It takes 3 complete turns to lock/unlock it.

  1. These are also popular on beach front homes with hurricane exposure. Steel doors with extra deadbolts stand up to huge winds.

  2. Nuki lock 2.0/3.0 would work, but you would first have to replace the Eurocylinder lock for one that has a keyhole on both sides, assuming it uses a Eurocylinder.

  3. Hi I’m interested in Nuki aswell, my Eurocylider is full I compatible but I’ve got a doubt, because it has some little stops on every turn around.

  4. I have a Dierre door that can be turned 6 times to be opened. I don’t need to close it all the 6 times, but I usually do. These doors are armored and there are multiple in the building I live in. I live near Lisbon, Portugal, in a safe neighborhood.

  5. There are smart lock solutions for this, although you will have to go outside the ones most people are familiar with. I would start by looking at smart locks for multipoint lock doors as they are designed to accommodate multiple turn and odd turn sequences to activate the locks:

  6. This is a typical reinforced door in Eu at least. Added to brick and mortal wall it makes very sturdy homes. I don’t understand why Americans still build home with wood and other weak materials. Do you prefer a door like this or your standard weak wood door?

  7. Because there's a lot of wood in America. Cheaper to build, faster to build, and it's strong enough. It just makes sense to stick-build in America.

  8. I know right? Everyone’s shitting on the lock design and we’re the only ones capable of appreciating what a majestic fucking door that is!

  9. I'm surprised everyone is so surprised. They're the norm in recent houses in Portugal and apparently the rest of Europe too.

  10. That is probably on purpose to make picking the lock harder if the key has to pass over the tumbler pins three separate times. Also there are likely bolts top and bottom, so they might have it geared down for easier turning.

  11. It’s very difficult to say that nothing exists that will solve this problem. Others in this thread have already proven you wrong.

  12. Strength. When you're driving a single bolt it takes one unit of force, when you're driving four of them it takes four times as much. In order to do that you have to gear it to take many more turns to spread out the force.

  13. I’ve had success with this type of lock using Sesame lock but only engaging one turn of the lock.

  14. Most door locks in China require at least two turns for full extension and there are also bolts on the top and bottom of the door and on the side about six inches from the top and bottom. I should probably post photos in the moderately interesting sub.

  15. Contact the door manufacturer for an upgrade, prepare to pay $8,000+ for Smart Lock door integration.

  16. One turn staying at home 2 turns going to the shops 3 turns going on a long walk to figure out where you went wrong in life.

  17. Maybe Loqed will work for you if you have a eurocilinder. Very recent Smartlock, which is a total replacement for your existing lock.

  18. My friend’s family’s apartment in Madrid has a lock like this actually, you’d have to turn it a full 3 times. I got the impression it’s pretty common there and other parts of Europe

  19. I can’t stop imagining this being a lock in a horror movie scene where the victim is trying to get out of the house quickly.

  20. Well, now nuki isn’t the only option, there’s now switchbot with their bionic lock robot attachment that turns the knob like the nuki but is customisable on the number of turns to lock/unlock. But its an attachment on the knob which would stick out more than the nuki. But interesting new product

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