Did my handyman mess this up?

  1. I only said to get rid of the 2 steps...Not this, but trying to see how weird this is or if it's acceptable...Not sure what people usually do

  2. I dont see a problem here at all. Its a small step, not like you need a ladder to get up it. I know you said get rid of the two steps but did you clarify what you wanted it sloped and flush with the sidewalk?

  3. No and that is my fault...I am just trying to see how weird it is, if I pay him to fix this, or just live with it.

  4. This is exactly what he should have done. The sidewalk must be above your yard. The yard slopes quickly at the end. An angled pour would be too steep there at the end, so he would have had to start angling much further back. That would have led to it being below the yard, resulting in flooding and mud. He did this perfectly.

  5. In order to taper your walkway from the sidewalk to your steps they would have had to have dug out a lot more of the sub grade which probably would have cost more. This was a straight up remove and replace. Not a remove, dig out extra dirt, and then replace.

  6. Looks good. You don't want two steps there anyways, because they will be of odd height and be way more of a tripping hazard than one step at proper height.

  7. If you tapered it all the way down you’d need to regrade the whole front or you’d end up with mud and grass constantly encroaching onto your sidewalk and it’d look terrible. I think what he did looks good - definitely much better than what was there before and much better than what you were asking for unless you wanted to spend a lot more money.

  8. Seems ok. I would be much more concerned about the steps up to the porch not being of equal height, a recipe for tripping. I wonder if that violates building code?

  9. The first pic is the before, the second 2 are after...the new steps are up to code...was more so asking about the "step" by the street

  10. I think it looks appropriate, 7” is about the height that standard steps are supposed to be anyway so it came out to a good height/ he planned it out properly

  11. I tend to agree, but do you think the step looks strange, or as others have said since the dirt is pulled away and whatnot, it seems worse and just leave it as is.

  12. I think it looks off because you have different concrete and the height change at the sidewalk. If the step down was about where the wood ends, and then new concrete transitioned to the sidewalk you'd only have the transition from old to new and not also the height. It sort of looks like it just ends that way.

  13. I agree...I think it looks "off" but is not catastrophic. It just doesn't look like a graceful transition

  14. Yeah I've had these incidents happen to me too. You have to be very specific or they'll do their own thing. It sucks but you just have to accept it and move on. It's not worth it to fix it at this point IMO.

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