Behr Ultra vs Behr Marquee (Exterior)

  1. I worked at Home Depot throughout the store and paint was by far the most fun. Only a select few colors have a one coat guarantee. Also, the sq ft coverage is rated to be the same. However in my experience, the ultra is thinner than would obviously go farther, but will definitely require a second coat. Cost benefit I always went with ultra, even for my side work just for workability

  2. Could I get away with one coat of Behr Ultra since I am just covering white with white? I do plan do use some Kilz primer I hvae on any spots I scraped

  3. I’ve used both ultra and marquee exterior and found the marquee to be better coverage in a single coat than ultra. It needs to be thinned for spraying but ultra can be run through an airless sprayer as-is. This takes the guess work out of thinning if you don’t have experience doing that. Both have a very nice finish.

  4. I have no experience with sprayers so I am going to brush and roll. Behr told me since Ultra Pure White isn't a one-coat-guaranteed color for Marquee, I can probably just use Behr Ultra.

  5. I just assume Marquee is better than Ultra, but my theory is since it's a thicker paint it should be better for one coat...

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