Meanwhile, in an alternate timeline...

  1. Since one of the name options was Olivia, I wonder what that would've meant for Ollie. I wonder what options she herself would've had.

  2. I’m surprised the names were never combined into something like "May T. Watson" or "Mei T. Watson" for a double detective reference.

  3. I'd imagine that's something the talents themselves get a lot of say in considering the EN members with the more Japanese-sounding names tend to be the ones who actually know Japanese while the ones with the more western-sounding names are mostly the ones who don't.

  4. probably some group at cover that's in charge with developing a new theme/gen. they create the theme, then follow up with desired personalities and lore, and then base names off that. once talents are chosen that fit the criteria, the names are provided, and the talents choose from the given options.

  5. Kind of funny she goes by Ame which is close to May anyway. Gandr would be odd though, and she would have gotten SO many "Take a Gander at her oppai" jokes that it's for the best that they didn't go that route

  6. Would be interesting to see Ame No. ????? be named May Tantei. Maybe introduce her when Buffson tries to kidnap Ame again on her birthday, ha!

  7. Don't think they would have used that order. It's a wordplay after all, Meitantei (名探偵) means great detective. Like meitantei Conan (detective Conan/case closed)

  8. I do think it's interesting the Ame is still the only "english" name out of the EN branch. (I guess Axel's first name kinda counts too)

  9. It essentially works like a Twitch chat when there's no stream on. It's a place to chat while also showing the upcoming schedule. When Ame streams, she doesn't have chat open until just before the stream starts

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