Out of all the soundtracks, which one is your favorite?

  1. you all crazy, it is green path. It creates a real sense of exploration and newness after all the drab depressing areas before it. it is uplifting and just builds perfectly into a great fresh melody.

  2. If you want to talk contrast then dung defender’s theme which is amazing already compared to royal waterways means it’s perfect

  3. I celebrated my birthday a few months ago and two of my friends made a combination of greenpath and happy birthday and played it as a violin/piano duet.

  4. I’ll be real. Aside from boss fights, the only music that stood out to me was City of Tears. That said, Hollow Knight boss fight. The moment you enter third phase and HK begins to stab itself while the music becomes somber sends chills down my spin while I’m writing this.

  5. Add zotes theme in 10/10 a masterpiece and also im surprised that nobody talked about it its in god home if you find the secret zote statue the final ordeal or something like that

  6. unpopular opinion: crystal peaks/crystal peaks action is a banger. i love them. their my favorites, their just a vibe. one of my favorite genres of song is lofi, and crystal peaks gives me those vibes. but tbh, it cuts it close, because all HK music is a bangerX100.

  7. The Grimm Troupe, with Nightmare King in second, Hornet in third, Truth, Beauty and Hatred in fourth and Daughter of Hallownest/Enter Hallownest tied for last.

  8. Sealed vessel is one of very few game OSTs that will never fail to give me chills every time I hear it. Beautiful, nostalgic and a gut-punch once you know the story behind it. Marvelous

  9. Definitely Radiance, it makes you feel the pressure of a god...ess? Anyway this song makes my heartbeats increase just by hearing it

  10. one moment im testing some stuff using this comment i got an nft skin for free from reddit and want to see what happens if i use it

  11. Grimm Troupe, Sealed Vessel, Pure Vessel, Broken Vessel, the main menu theme, Gods and Glory, Sisters of Battle, Dung Defender/White Defender and The Radiance. If I had to pick, probably Grimm Troupe or Sealed Vessel.

  12. I actually like all the songs, they all are beautiful. But if I had to pick one, I’d say Sealed Vessel. Because it conveyed the emotional impact of the final boss so well. The twist in the middle makes the boss one of the most memorable final bosses I’ve seen.

  13. For boss fight music I think grimm, but for ambiance it’s very difficult, too there would be city of tears, queens gardens and forgotten crossroads.

  14. Sealed Vessel. Love the way it epically builds up in the first section, only to dissolve completely afterwards and finish in a struggling, unfinished variation of the main theme. Brilliantly fits with the emotional and desperate, almost unfair boss fight, which is my favorite fight in the game narrative-wise.

  15. holy shit i see the top comments are people joking about it being all of them, but the comments really do include one for everything

  16. For me it's Dirtmouth. I'll never forget the goosebumps I experienced the first time I walked into town. Absolute perfection.

  17. Hollow knight soundtrack. For my answer though it has to cot. I absolutely love the ambiance and just everything. They nailed so much about the game. With some of my other favorite games like botw or Minecraft there is some problem here I can’t find one. A bit off topic but eh

  18. Fungal Wastes is absolutely underrated. It's whimsical, charming and just makes you feel cozy. Not.ky favourite, but I wanted to put a spotlight on it cause it deserves it

  19. I like em all, they all contain a sense and meaning to where they are placed for example dung defender, it sounds so heroic and very enthusiastic showing how the character enjoys doing what he's doing or green path which represents a area filled with wildlife and a beautiful calm scenery. So all have a special place in my heart

  20. Hollow Knight (music played on the main menu). It’s just so haunting it sums up the game you’re about to play perfectly.

  21. I've said this in another comment but I feel like people don't know how emotional this track is, there's something about Pale Court that I can't seem to get a tangible hold of my emotions when listening to it. It feels absolutely inspiring and as it goes on it starts to sadden, becoming slowly less dramatic, as if the realism and history of Hollownest was revealed to the composer. The slow and tragic downfall of a civilisation that was once brimming with life and hope, until it finally collapses.

  22. Weird one, but the climbing and final phase of Absolute Radiance, just love the windchimes and beaming sound, it's beautiful.

  23. Mostly all 'cause why not? But generally, the City of Tears. I can just chill and drink coffee in the late afternoon with this music playing in my ears. (This is my opinion)

  24. I haven't listened to all of them outside the game except for Truth beauty and hatred, I haven't listened to White Palace yet but that grabbed me to

  25. Resting grounds, dirthmouth, nosk and hollow knight. (Kingdoms edge is great too but while playing the game)

  26. Truth, beuty and hatred or white palace. not the boss or the area, just the music. The fact that I sometimes fight gpz just for music

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