What are the “skulls” that vessels wear?

  1. I agree with this take. And isn't the rest of the body void? I'm surprised how many top comments are just, "it's your shell, you're a bug, duh." It seemed pretty explicit to me that the Pale King created these vessels to house void. The Knight is definitely not a normal bug.

  2. Nah, in that case it's the vessel for the vessel. Because it's the figure of void that's a vessel, one that will store the infection and seal away the Radiance.

  3. It’s the shell of the offspring of the pale king and white lady, while the shade inside is the void that hollowed it out.

  4. A lot of comments saying the vessels are bugs. They’re not actually bugs, since they’re created from the combination of Pale King, White Lady, and Void. None of those three are bugs.

  5. You have tree sorts of faces you have normal,shell and the mask.the point of da mask is for giving people faces so de can live if there are not born whit one.shell is a sort of more fragile face and yes some critters have it other than hornet and the vessels

  6. Its thier face. Their head. Thier skull. Thier only white because as we've established, there's a secret npc called the mask maker who literally painted them all that way ( or they were just born with white faces or it could be an homage to the Pale king, who was all white)

  7. I mean it’s the pale kings child so I’d assume it’s nothing to do with homage and it’s just being related.

  8. masks! for whatever reason masks are important in Hollow Knight (also that's where you're fucking soul is, more like your shade but your shade is your soul?)

  9. That wouldn't make sense, they clearly are born with this as seen in the abyss, bugs have exoskeletons, so that would just be their skull

  10. Most of the comments are saying that it’s a shell and are providing proof, so I’ll go with that. But can someone tell me what the purpose of the shell is? Why do the vessels wear these shells?

  11. I’m pretty sure that when the pale king made the vessels he needed a shell to contain the void (what the vessels are made of)

  12. because we’re on the subject i wonder what mask The Knight would choose if it could get its hands on some?

  13. The mask maker refers to the knights mask, hinting to the possibility that the knights body and mask/skull are to contain the void within

  14. It's a shell and ever vessels shell is diffrent but I don't realy know if bugs can take it off in the game but probaly not...

  15. The “skull/mask/exoskeleton” everyone is talking about that’s wrong the “skull” is the vessel it holds the shade which is why when we die it breaks (or at least that’s my theory) (also the knight is NOT NOR HAS IT EVER BEEN A BUG)

  16. Some bugs wear shells but some wear masks. The difference is shells are apart of there body but masks are not. The knight you play as wears a shell but quarrel is an example of someone who wears a mask. Some bugs wear them to hide there identity to themselves as well as others

  17. That is the knights shell but some bugs where things that look similar but are called masks because they are not their body Look into mask maker dialogue

  18. So my head cannon says this is the part of the body that union of the pale king and white lady created in creating these vessels. The void/shade obviously inhabits this shell creating the entire being. I am not certain if the shell was at one point alive and killed for the void to fill or if they never were viable.

  19. wait so if this is the shell of the knight… yet why does it fall off when you turn into a shade (dead) can shades just not wear shells if so then how is it wearing it in general

  20. The skulls are there shell the only thing left of the what would be the pale kings kid said shells are filled with the void to create all the vessels (if I’m not wrong)

  21. That’s a shell. Bugs don’t have skulls. They have exoskeletons. Basically like armor. It’s just a stylistic choice to make their heads white

  22. I like to think the void is sort of like a liquid. like we see in the black lake. So the shell kind of gives it a shape to form into over time

  23. I saw some images of the “anatomy,” and most suggest that the Void substance (as in it being a liquid) just takes the shape of the mask or shell.

  24. Well, if it’s a shell or a mask, then I guess you could wear it if the hole in the bottom is big enough. Hey, maybe it’s a shell and a mask used to keep the Shade in. And is the Shade the Knight’s soul or…?

  25. Well, you can see Hornet, wich is her sister, and its the same as the knight or the hollow knight, same type of body and skull/vessel.

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