not my proudest wank

  1. It’s actually so horrific people need to stop giving business to the losers who use and abuse these majestic creatures that belong in the wild or when not possible in sanctuaries. Not being broken down and beaten into submission (that is in fact how they “train” elephants…). Stop creating a demand for unethical ABUSE of living beings

  2. If you watch the rest of the video you get to see how an elephant trunk doubles as a prehensile penis and was actually the inspiration for tentacle hentai.

  3. I came to say this. Granted I didn't watch the whole video. But this is more akin to patting your dog on the butt or on the side.

  4. From what I know, elephants think that humans are cute and sometimes try to pet us. He must have been petting the girl and then smelled something weird and wanted to check it out, like a dog would do.

  5. Just a reminder those elephants are tortured on a regular basis to do tricks for tourists and be used in photoshoots for this kind of person.

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