Still love the carpet

  1. The general rule is, no matter how wrong the officer could or couldn't have been, hitting him and screaming like that only makes you look like a Karen

  2. my rule of thumb... even if the cop is dead wrong about the entire situation, you aren't gonna settle it by getting loud, and certainly not swinging. politely disagree? sure. best case scenario, the cop realizes whats what. worst case, you spend a few hours in lock up, get a court date, and get it all sorted out there. dont waste your energy (or your freedom) by attacking cops boys and girls

  3. After being in this position a few times it's best not resisting. It's gonna be rough regardless. How much it hurts is down to you and how you react. You're in a losing position to begin so I'm not sure what you achieve aggravating the situation further. Yes, dispute it by all means. But do so when you're not at risk of a face plant and the situation has been diffused.

  4. I’d like to see the unedited video because I might actually respect that cop. She popped him and he did a clean takedown without punching her back. When she resisted on the ground, he did a nice pivot to avoid the knee on the neck and regained control. That was excellent use of force and self control from what I seen.

  5. Ya let’s maybe not slap an officer especially when you can’t do any damage at all. Your going to have a bad time

  6. Why do people think attacking an officer is a good idea? I mean, it just forces them to use force to arrest the person whe they're screaming about police brutality

  7. "Waaaaaaa, you held me by the neck, you held me by the neck" 😂😂 this lesbian Where's Wally thinks she's gona be the next George Floyd...😂

  8. How much is resisting arrest and assault on a police officer going for these days? Ps love the carpet too

  9. bro the cop was being pretty nice at first but then u hit him and that mf’s instinct just went i will say cops are people their not all robots they have emotions and can get mad i mean ide be mad to if i was hit while they were resisting arrest

  10. "You held me by the neck you held me by the neck owww ahhh" after she smacked the cop.😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂 The fact that she still had all of her teeth and no one sat in her neck until she couldn't breathe is how force should always be applied. Not excessive and certainly not lethal.

  11. What’s she whining about, a broken neck? People like this are why there are warning labels on everything. She must’ve missed the one about what happens when you strike an officer.

  12. The moment you realise abusing cops online is one thing and facing them in real life is another... Btw peak satisfaction when this type of dipshits get what they deserve

  13. He didn't hold her by the neck. He took her down by the neck. It wasn't even 2 seconds. Held is overreacting, just like the whole situation. Get served bitch

  14. I love it when people hit somebody and then instantly start balling when they get just a little back in return🤣 my 5 year old nephew does it CONSTANTLY.

  15. Why are american cops so bad trained in everithing? He trows that kid about 1 feet, i would’ve been able to throw it at least 5 feet.

  16. “You held me by the neck” she screams as he proceeds to cuff magdalene. “Maam you slapped me” he utters as he proceeds to arrest magdalene all sexy like.

  17. Aint fair foo, women hit cops cops have the right, a bitch hits a dude and we go to jail? Nah fam these girls trippin😂😂💀

  18. Stupid girl, no one is going to help an idiot. Mess with cops, you might get taken down to the ground.

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