I don’t know the context, but it seems like excessive force

  1. Atlanta is such a gem of a show. It’s popular of course but nowhere near as popular as it deserves to be

  2. She was oppressing them from blocking their rights to rightfully take what soon to be theirs from Target. The people are so thoughtful as well, by using the side/back door to exit so that their actions won't affect other regular shoppers.

  3. Also heard 'she's got a knife' and maybe 'she's stabbing people', so take that as you will. Possibly she is the hero vigilante we need, or just another violent sadist who just happens to be in a wheelchair.

  4. "Target Jennifer refers to a series of viral videos featuring a woman named Jennifer who attempted to block looters in front of a Target in Minneapolis, Minnesota while in a power wheelchair during protests over the death of George Floyd in May 2020. The videos, first released on Twitter, shows Jennifer attempting to stab looters, being sprayed with a fire extinguisher, running her wheelchair into a wall, crying to a person filming saying she was peacefully protesting and getting out of her wheelchair to walk."

  5. I love that they call this "protests over the death of George Floyd" like lmao this isn't protesting, it's straight up crime!

  6. If that lady survived I'd be really surprised because for those of you who don't know fire extinguishers eliminate fires by removing all the oxygen. This lady was sprayed by fire extinguishers and if any of it got into her air ways she would die because she would be unable to breathe. It's partly why fire blankets are still used.

  7. Pretty much anyone I have ever met that's been to Atlanta has been mugged at least once, it's absolutely nuts how common it is to hear someone say that. Place is a shit hole.

  8. This new Dr Who vs The Daleks kinda got me. On the one hand the PoC Doctor kinda rocks but the wishy-washy Daleks are not scary.

  9. And if her stabbie stabbie was in response being physically attacked for nonviolently blocking the door??? Either way ya shouldn’t be lootin

  10. Where did she get the knife? Its not like you would come "peacefully" block a door if you were so sure it was dangerous that you took a knife with you. Ofc shouldnt be looting, but this woman was just out to stab someone

  11. First and foremost. The looters are trash. Second, you’re a fool to put your life on the line at the battle of Target. They’re a multi-billion dollar corp standing on the backs of underpaid employees. If you ever feel like you should roll in the hoveround you have no business trying fight anyone. And for the nitwits calling her a credible threat, if you can avoid the threat with brisk walking, it’s not a threat.

  12. Able bodied black thugs attacking disabled white woman in a wheelchair, let's call out racism where it exists.

  13. Why always white people using unnecessary violence against black people? And why Indians think they can insight racism? Just saying what I see.

  14. The scum in full force looting. So sad to see the US allow trash to breed more trash. My statement is not racist as the looters on the news coverage for this "protest aka domestic terrorist in my book" were of all skin colors so race baiters can stick it up your bunghole

  15. They felt so entitled to loot shit they were willing to beat an old lady up in her wheelchair lol. Bet this barely makes the news.

  16. The fkn piece of shit that threw something at her is a fkn bitch ass pussy. Fkn animals. Yeah I don't gaf how that makes me sound. Knife or not, that was a bitch ass move by a fkn animal

  17. Clearly they're being oppressed.. can't they even hit an handicapped lady and blow an extinguisher in her face?

  18. This was during the BLM riots. They were trying to loot a target and the wheelchair lady had the audacity to block the door.

  19. As a kid I used to dream about living in The USA. How nice my life would be. I even had a chance to go but I refused. I used to regret it but not anymore.

  20. You will get a really warped perspective about what daily life in the USA is like by looking at reddit or watching this kind of stuff on the internet. It makes it seem like the average American is just dodging gunfire all the time while eating cheeseburgers and being unable to go to the doctor.

  21. Most crave true individual freedoms and sovereignty but forget about the responsibility that comes with it and instead choose the safety and control of others. While even more forget what is being created here and the upkeep needed to support that human growth.

  22. They’re lucky. I’d have fire my gun the second the lady put hands on me. She seemed to be in the way of a mob stealing everything they could from the back doors of a store. Trash people

  23. How old is this video? Is this where Atlanta got that episode from? If so, it would have to be about 3 years old. I mean the guy is recording with an iPad so it very well could be an old video.

  24. ***** wirthless people looting and not even a wheelchaired woman can stop them for using extreme force in her so they can loot. The context is there every time there is a big protest or natural disaster.

  25. What is so vile about a bunch of Insured poorly made crap from China being stolen seriously at the end of the day if this was a mom and pop shop I can understand but this is a target they got capital galore.

  26. Whoa. That butoxide has a mild hallucinogenic effect, but I don't think it's kicked in yet. I'm gonna count down from ten. Ten, nine, yellow, cold, sad, purple...

  27. Extremely dangerous. She’s Deadpool on a Zamboni. They’re wounded gangsters. They’d all be dead in five minutes when she eventually reaches them.

  28. and then they complain very loud and call all the tv stations to excuse them when they get arrested 🙄🙄🙄

  29. Cleary her wheels are upsetting their smooth brains implying they nothing more than hallow grind rails worth 1000 Tony hawk points when successful

  30. Context: George Floyd Looting's AFTER peaceful protests were going on during midday. Most of the people in this video were taking the remains of what used to be in the Target of Lake Street. Lady in the wheelchair tries to stop anymore looters from going in or out and was recorded when she took it upon herself to stab the looters who tried to bypass her. Happened in May of 2020.

  31. Lmao I didn’t even know that Atlanta based this on something. That being said I don’t give a fuck about billion dollar corporations but the looters who destroyed small businesses can go fuck themselves.

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