the good old pool filling

  1. 60k/ Per gallon 16ft depth minimum to survive the fall from 10m And idk how wide the pool should be so I’ll do 16ft/16ft which with a pool volume calculator you’d have 24,166 gallons or 1,449,960,000 USD but ofc some will splash out so idk how you’d figure that out

  2. I chose 10,000 bills and went with an olympic size swimming pool to make even more money and I ended up with 21,901,771,570,000$

  3. Just looked it up 10k gallons of printer ink would kill you before you could jump due to it's toxicity (creates deadly gas)

  4. At the rate printer carts dry out, it would be a dry, solid block before you got to the top of the ladder. You'd die, sorry

  5. I mean, that drop is survivable, granted you might lose a leg or two, but it is survivable. So i would just fill it up with antimatter and then say goodbye to the earth

  6. The dust cloud of impact from filling the pool with any drugs would likely OD you before you can make off with the money.

  7. Suprised this isn’t top comment. That is actually survivable and well, no one would believe your rich high ass when you told them how you made it. Lol

  8. Why did I have to scroll so far for this answer?! It's always my first thought when I see this question, haha! It'd be a safe landing, worth lots of money, and I'd get lots of free weed. 😂

  9. Deuterium oxide. That shit costs like $2 per gram. And there's slightly more than 4.1 kilograms per gallon. Depending on the size of the pool, that's billions of dollars.

  10. And it won't really overload the demand because it's used by commercial heavy water nuclear reactors like the ones used in Canada and India

  11. Truffles are not squishy… they’re a lot harder than you think. I don’t know what to caompare it to but its like jumping in a pool full of golf/tennis balls.

  12. I read this like oh yeah that shits worth gol….oh damn that’s so sad. Really feel for you, what pharma companies have done to a drug created almost 100 years ago should be criminal. It’s disgusting to charge outrageous prices for lifesaving meds that people need to survive.

  13. I would just be cool with a foam pit cause I’ve always wanted one but I’m way too poor to afford a big foam pit to jump into. It would basically be just getting a free foam pit cause you know youre surviving that shit. Some of y’all acting like 33 feet up is like falling off a step ladder or something lol.

  14. If you stack them on their hands and knees on top of each other like a card castle you absolutely survive, and have your concubines for life, your 72 virgins and a steady cash flow. Let me know when you need a pimp lol

  15. Scorpion Venom, if we talking about a pool used for competitions I could get around 15 trillion dollars due to how much scorpion venom costs

  16. Sadly it's reaction to your skin or other mucus membrane nearly guarantees death. A drop can give you a bad rash I hate to think what a pool would do to your body.

  17. The impact would create Chanel No. 6, which is highly unstable and instantly convert matter into energy sending neutrons flying and splitting into Chanel No. 2s....... the mushroom cloud would smell great though

  18. I just asked my girlfriend this question and she says "pillows" so I laugh and ask why and she just says "because I really like pillows" lol

  19. Im pretty sure with bit of practicing landing techniques I should be able to jump on top of solid gold from 10 meters without breaking any bones.

  20. Pure gold is relatively soft(softer than iron harder than lead) but the fall is a bit much. Most people get injury from 10 ft and severe lifelong injuries usually happen around 20-25 feet. 33 ft would be a rather bad fall even with deceleration training.

  21. Well I don't know what to say to that but that seems like a fucking valid shit to me right now, not going to deny that motherfucking thing because that's funny lmao.

  22. It doesn't say you can only fill it is with one thing, in fact it says anything you want to fill it with as long as it is valuable.

  23. Fleshlite sleeves. A) definitely will not get hurt and B) even at half price I bet you could make over a million selling them

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