Has Hollywood gone too far?

  1. Looking forward to the Chinese Mexican playing Donald Trump, blaming the Russian virus and forcing them rednecks to pay for the wall.

  2. I mean.... we are in a place in time where historical accuracy and long accepted roles are no longer confined to being type cast. Honestly, I envision before long race, sex, and all other defining characteristics will be thrown out the window and we will just get who we get.

  3. I don't think we are many decades away from being able to choose your own actors in some AI generated deep fake bs. You subscribe to your actors or acting group and you pick and choose who you want for each role, or you can go with the default.

  4. Yesterday night I was watching The Last Samurai in TV... I bet that If it was portrait these days Kazumoto could be a black character

  5. Strange that they're not the same people who are upset about white washing in movies. Almost as if those people are hypocrites

  6. It has to star Jason Statham, a quote from one of his movie , saying something like He jumped out of the building using a raincoat as a parachute and broke both of his legs and still had to appear convincingly enough in front of Congress as Barack Obama.

  7. The funny thing is Obama would probably respond with something like " I'm honored to have Tyan play me, he is such a wonderful actor. Michelle and I love his work." ......because it's all a big nothing burger with extra whining ......

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