Introducing the butt baby. No assembly required.

  1. I love how they went with the very generic white, very generic brown, and oddly specific bushmen of the kalahari.

  2. "Butt Baby" is a nice insult for people you don't really like but don't qualify for higher forms of swearwords

  3. Twitter isn't a themed social network, almost everyone is welcome provided the content is legal.

  4. Are we not going to mention that the “Big Brother” version is a full 1ft long, 1ft around, and weighs 5lbs? Or that this isn’t the only size available?

  5. I looked it up online. You can buy it, and the price point seems to make me think it's not a joke. People are into some weird shit, this seems to be marketed to folks into MPREG.

  6. There were some anti-abortion folks handing out tiny silicone fetuses girlfriend nearly crapped her pants when she found it in the jar of peanuts.

  7. You just unlocked a memory of me arguing with a then friend about him coming out of his mother's ass. I insisted it was not possible but he was really believing it.

  8. At this point dose it matter? Whatever they want to believe you need to accept otherwise your a nazi although they are the ones imposing this bs on us

  9. “So listen doc, I got it up there just fine but now my keys and a coat hanger are in there as well.”

  10. Please do not shove things without a flared base up your ass. That is exactly how you get stuff stuck and have to go to the doctor.

  11. Litterally charge people for the sensation of taking a shit and trying to compare it to the miracle of child birth ffs 2022.

  12. I prefer my butt babies to have a flared base so I don't have to involve a real hospital visit in my fake birth.

  13. The skeptical part of me thinks this is likely fake. However, the skeptical part of me has been fooled before when it comes to how far the Ts are willing to pursue their beliefs about themselves.

  14. Do they also expand once inserted to the size of a football so they can experience the tearing and stitches experienced for the miracle of birth?

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