well money makes you normalise any kind of weird shit

  1. Headline is misleading. You’d think Elon is the other child. Nope. This is the second child Elon’s father has had with his stepdaughter.

  2. That’s the thing - the stereotype is that poor white people commit incest when it has always been rich white people marrying their cousins since the beginning of time.

  3. Yhe real problem here is , not that is basically his stepdaughter , you can have that kind of relationship and just be nothing , like not even talk even and be vompletely strangers , but the fact that he literally raised her since 4....how can your mind be so sick

  4. I read about her meeting him at 4 years old..and I don't know what to say. Makes you kinda sick to the stomach. At what age did he start seducing her and making sexual advances. It's gets worse the more you think about it. What a rancid fucking cunt of a human being.

  5. That's sick, how is it different from being with your own daughter? At what point did he start to think about her in a sexual way?

  6. Its highly speculated that Errol abused Elon as a kid too, especially considering Elon said his dad was “evil” and “anything evil you can think of, he’s done”. Or something along those lines.

  7. Been to pornhub or any other pornsite recently? About 50% of the videos have "Stepson/stepmom/stepdaughter" STEP-something in the title. World is a sick place..

  8. how can a sick mind be appreciated so much is how I'd like to view it, but the answer is simple; power. it's the same answer to your question

  9. I read this hoping he married her mother when she was in her 20s and he was a sicko and not a pervert. But nope, it's just straight up grooming.

  10. Like he said they're just doing their job re populating the planet. What an enormous grift we've been set up for since months

  11. Yeah, I was trying to figure out how they could’ve meant it, but Elon is the Brother/Uncle in this situation. His parent is a parent, hence brother; his sibling is a parent, hence uncle. Still not, like, super great.

  12. They're trying to say that his sister is now his stepmom. If they got married, the kid would be Elon's brother, nephew, and uncle by marriage/step-uncle.

  13. There's something genuinely sick about someone raising someone from the age of 4 as your child to later form a sexual relationship with them and go on to birth kids out of it.

  14. Agreed. How can you love a child like that? How do you find your own daughter attractive? It's gross. Was she always an object to him?

  15. Seriously soo disgusting. I’ve had a step dad since I was 11, and only half lived with him until 18. Hell noooo, that man is like my dad. So gross.

  16. What if I told you Game of Thrones is inspired by a specific demographic of that has acted this way since the beginning of time?

  17. Imagine seeing a 4 year old grow up into adulthood and think "imma tap that". Slowmotion pedophilia?

  18. Did people ever like, or even care about, the Musk family outside of Elon? This is the first I’ve ever heard of Elon’s father. People still like Elon. Less people than before, but still a good number.

  19. Errol Musk got his step daughter pregnant for the 2nd time. He had raised that step daughter since she was 4 years old. That entire family needs to be thrown away

  20. I hope the person working in their graphic department did not get paid. otherwise I am quitting anything and never try to deliver quality work again

  21. A stepdaughter is not blood related, so no need for the banjo. If she is age appropriate, idc nor should anyone. The real conflict here is that the post says it's his brother and uncle which is not possible. Technically it's his half brother and step nephew.

  22. Wouldn’t the child be Elon’s Step-Brother and his nephew? Not even really close to being an uncle?

  23. People are so caught up on the brother/uncle thing they’re ignoring the part where it says this is the second child they have had together

  24. The more I read this the worse it gets.. brother AND uncle..with his STEPDAUGHTER???? Secret SECOND CHILD LIKE IT HAPPENED BEFORE WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS FAMILY

  25. I guess when your rich and have a thought, no matter how shitty or fucked up it is, you just have to make it happen.

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