defining America in one word by Joe Biden (another gem)

  1. If the clip would have continued for another few seconds you would have heard that the word was “possibilities”

  2. that one word was: iwasinthefoothimuhfootfootexcusemeinthefoothillsofthehimalayaswithxixingpingtravellingwithhimulleshwetravelseventeenthousandmileswheniwasvicepresidentidontknowthatforafact

  3. And term limits for senators, house members, Supreme Court justices…we don’t need lifelong representatives in these positions. If you get elected, put in a few years (1-2 terms MAX) and get the fuck out.

  4. And monitor their bank accounts more closely. There is no reason a government paid employee should be buying multi-million dollar mansions during their terms.

  5. Who is gonna set the limits? The people who have the power to do that are the people in power. They aren't gonna make a law that puts them out of work. Only way this gets done is if we vote in enough people who agree to make this a law during their term. We know how well Americans come together politically...

  6. 35 is the minimum age, because we don’t want these young bucks coming in here and making changes. But what’s the big deal if the last two presidents wear adult diapers?

  7. YES I don't want a president over 50. Why is it so much to ask to have a president that has an IQ over 10 or isn't older than my grandma? What the fuck!

  8. Disagree and prepared for downvotes, but it’s up to voters and there are plenty of people who are not fully there well before any arbitrary age limit. A minimum aptitude test to assess? Maybe? We already have the 25th Amendment for all other issues.

  9. Please set the age requirements for people to be online. Especially when they jump to conclusions about something without reading or seeing the whole clip.

  10. Americans come on now, this is elder abuse. I get why you thought it was a fun prank at first but enough is enough.

  11. That's not dementia folks it's's just deterioration of broken hearts...err... deterioration of working parts.

  12. So you're saying much like all forms of bullshit propaganda, this tiny clip has been taken out of context and blown out of proportion to try and push a political agenda? Who would have thought...

  13. No, not at all. This is just the best of what we're allowed to pick from after all the promising candidates have been weeded out by systematic bullshit.

  14. No. There are tons of intelligent, younger, patriotic and forward-thinking people in this country. They can’t get ahead in politics because most people are either too stupid or apathetic to make the right choices for our leadership. It’s sad.

  15. Because this clip is from a longer video that makes sense. Someone else in here already wrote what he really said.

  16. I’m from nz and I honestly can’t understand how anyone can take this dude seriously.. he’s running your country and dosent even know what he’s on about that’s scary

  17. Wow he is really getting worse. For anyone who thinks there hasn't been a decline go watch he's speeches from the late 90's and early 00's it's staggering.

  18. And you all cried about trump Look at that scumback This is the president of the biggest military force that planet has ever seen. And you still cry about Russia and North Korea😂😂😂😂😂 Fml

  19. That was my thought at one point but Kamala barely has the brain function to breathe on her own. Besides, the people propping Biden up are actually running things. It would be the same thing happening with that cackling nit-wit Kamala.

  20. That’s why USA will always be the clown of the world. You are our number 1 entertainment, thank you! Love from Mexico, pendejos

  21. No it isn’t . He never had that shit when he came up with the crime bill or campaigned to keep segregation. You just bought the dnc talking point on it . It isn’t true.

  22. Seriously I cant tell if these are all dubbed video skits or real footage... like can someone genuinly confirm if this happened?

  23. This kinda of reminds me of when you’re like too drunk or high and your discussion rapidly changes direction without ever fully addressing your initial point.

  24. i thought my Brazil was in a bad situation (first the left wing side robbing us like theres no tomorrow) and then our actual right wing president having no idea what hes doing (aka The Trump of the tropics), but then, turned out that you guys are even worse lol

  25. Can you imagine being such a loser that you feel the need to pick on an 80 year old man who is memorizing and reading 100s of speeches a week. Half of Trumps supporters never even graduated high school for crying out loud. Ever hear a Trump supporter try to speak? They sound like ignorant crazy conspiracy theorists who cant complete a proper sentence if their lives depended on it. And even worse, being so gullible for jumping to stupid conclusions without even hearing the full statement. You people are such idiots to keep falling for edited sound bites.

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