MSU student offers free masks to minorities, charging white students 10$

  1. Before this is also posted to a million other subreddits, I would like to point out that this is manufactured outrage meant to be spread around and shared as an experiment.

  2. This whole subreddit has felt like race bait, transphobic bait, and just constantly pushing politically controversial posts to the front page.

  3. I guess she called it a social experiment but there isn't any scientific value behind it. In the end nobody is any wiser for having seen this. Terrible.

  4. I just saw a post about that with them switching out the red heads for other minorities they’ve been doing it a lot

  5. I am literally white skinned but half native. You can tell by the symmetry on my face I am mixed but I am simply white but with a tan. Shit like this confuses me.

  6. I work with the whitest black man ever. He shaved his head and he’s as pale as me. I’ve met his mom, he’s just real light skinned. Does he pay? Do they have a blood test?

  7. I was just going to say the same. This person has some serious ignorance. Honestly probably a white person who did this too.

  8. Separate but equal huh. So if that’s what it’s going back to, what was the point of the civil rights movement again? 🧐

  9. I see shit like her sign and I think people do that shit just to trigger others half the time. I'd really like to hear her justification for why whites are to be charged $10 a mask, if this shit's even real.

  10. Also gotta love “no tolerance for the intolerant”, like hey I appreciate the spirit but that makes you intolerant and not deserving of tolerance, doesn’t it?

  11. I’m all about standing up for minorities, my grandparents migrated from Mexico. I’ve always been vocal about injustice in our communities… But you can’t fight racism with racism. It only breeds more hate, further dividing us. This is the wrong message and only hurts the movement to strive for equality. I get it, it hurts always getting the short end of the stick but this just isn’t the way.

  12. I'm Mexican and the amount of Mexicans I hear spouting racist things about white people is staggering. I can't stand it. If you're the type of person who harbors hatred for someone based on their skin color I won't associate with you, period. Being a minority doesn't give you a pass to be bigoted and it definitely doesn't somehow transform your hatred of other races into anything else other than blatant racism.

  13. As a Mexican myself, anytime I feel that I received the short end of the stick; I take it as a great challenge to prove ignorance wrong. Plus maybe it’s just me but I like a bit of difficulty when trying to achieve something. My grandfather taught me 2 of the most important life lessons. “Life isn’t fair, but that’s no reason not to try” and “Why do bad things happen to me? Por pendejo”.

  14. I am Mexican and I hold the politically incorrect and fringe view that white people are not evil and that it is wrong to hate white people. I know, I know.

  15. If the woke crowd ever learned this and actually pushed for truly better race relations, they'd finally make some real progress.

  16. Lool that got me thinking. Imagine If someone would set up a table next to them with free masks and gloves and a sign saying " free masks and gloves for anyone who needs it" or " free masks and gloves for people who are not racist"

  17. Just get a bunch from her and set up a table next to hers that says “free masks for only white people” and watch brain lock up from confusion and anger

  18. I hope someone has the balls and the heart to do this. There is already so much division in this country, it takes someone to reach across the aisle to help mend the gap.

  19. lol I'm black and I'd come back multiple times "incognito" like James bond or some shit and collect as much as I could. Then I'd stand next to her and hand out everything I've collected for free to every white person I saw.

  20. The most racist people I have ever dealt with in my life were not white. There is this stupid notion that only white people can be racist. Anyone, and this applies to anyone of any damn color, can and will be racist.

  21. People also like to pretend that the racism minorities receive is from "white people" only. Yet, the different minority groups hate eachother all the same, in the same way whites hate their many different cultures.

  22. I got roasted on Facebook by a white millennial stating that it isn’t racism when directed at white people. After all it’s only an inconvenience for them so how could it really be racism?

  23. “Black people can’t be racists.” There are average Americans who actually think this, and believe it to be true. IMHO they are the people to most fear in this country in 2021.

  24. Bruh. Can’t just flip the race and say it ain’t racist. I get that “Minorities” have been wronged in the past but that doesn’t mean we have to do the same. Can’t we just live together FFS.

  25. I think so too. As a Latino, I don’t know anyone dumb enough to do something like this. It’s gotta be bait lol. People getting trolled right now waisting all their energy.

  26. I think the point the student is trying to make is this. It was ok when the sign said whites only water, or whites only bathroom, or whites only seating at a diner. But now you have a taste of what we feel as minorities every single day. That's my take anyway. That your shocked when it's directed at you but not at others that are different than you.

  27. I'm gen z and I definitely got sucked into that crap. It's painful and wrong and it damages everyone who gets sucked in, whether or not they want to admit it. We need to do better. It doesn't have to be like this.

  28. This reminds me of that feminist coffee shop that went out of business in like two months because they would make men pay an extra “man tax” per transaction lmao

  29. As a black girl this stuff is starting to piss me off, this isn't helping discrimination, racism at all!! This is just causing more divide and segregation. This is racist against white people and for no reason. Why can't we all just come together, help each other out geez.

  30. I'm a Jewish bisexual who is left handed and has completely flat feet. Would I count as a minority?

  31. Well it’s refreshing to see all of the top comments acknowledging how idiotic and blatantly racist this is. I was expecting something different lol

  32. What if you changed the words “white” and “minority” around and said “it’s just a prank bro chill, GAWD”??? Wonder how that would go???

  33. I guarentee if you flipped this around that that girl would've been lynched this racist af and even if it actually is an experiment its the least thought out dumbest experiment ever,dumber than seeing if a bear will seriously leave you alone if you stand your ground cause you saw it in red dead 2

  34. Well that's just racist, if we swapped the group's around this person would be called a racist, so I hope we can recognise the blatent racism when the groups are this way around.

  35. We take steps forward while others take steps back. As an ‘experiment’ this is ridiculous and would be on the news within minutes for being racist if it was flipped. One day we’ll all be so mixed crap like this should fade away. lol

  36. that's totally the same as centuries of slavery, jim crow, segregation, and redlining. i can totally see why white people's feelings are so hurt by other people receiving a gift freely given.

  37. Imma just say it. Not all black people think this shit is cool. Just because (hate to say this) some of us believe in BLM dosent mean we do dumb shit like this. Fuck that experiment. Don’t see the gain. ✊🏿🇺🇸✊🏼

  38. I find it hilarious that the entitlement some of you carry from being white, allows you to believe its wrong now because white people are segregated in the experiment but this is constant in the lives of black people. Lol people never cease to amaze me with their logic when the shoe is on the other foot.

  39. I don’t mean to sound redundant, and frankly I don’t care as much as I should, bc I don’t go to MSU… but y’all realize this is fuckin racist, correct? I’m about 1000% positive the police would be called if you switched those words around… so how’s this the right way to act? Please explain

  40. But if you put a table next to them saying “free masks to white peoples minorities 10$ you are looking at national news level racism.

  41. God I fucking hate racist people like this doesn't matter what race you are we all are people and should treat each other with respect

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