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  1. Not a bad theory, but it's far more likely that her parents or siblings or someone close to her just has a sense of humor like that, and they got her watching movies and tv shows with that kind of humor really early, and she was just influenced and confident.

  2. I know this girl and her dad. She is freakin hilarious, and her dad was super chill about her saying whatever she wanted. She started stand up at 9 I think, but that was a while back.

  3. You sound like one of those assholes who dismiss everything Greta Thunberg says by claiming that her parents are abusive monsters forcing her to say it

  4. You guys act like it’s the parents telling them when in the reailty it’s some joke the kid saw on some place like Reddit I have seen fucked up jokes and stuff like MOM I HAVE NO HANDS HELP ME OUT and a bunch of fucked up jokes, on the internet as a kid and I’m a teen now (15) so yeah keep that in mind before you blame the parents you’re part of the problem, not that i see it as a problem but you’re putting in a negative forum that makes it seem likes it a bad thing. When in reality it’s not cause it’s just some ripped off joke. The kid stole. Get over yourself neck beard

  5. This is honestly really tame for a joke. I understand it, but people have definitely made more savage jokes than this.

  6. Not being a dick, or trying to sound " woke" or whatever , really trying to understand. But why? Chapelle, seth Rogen and many others started young. Many kids have messed up sense of humour ( while I COMPLETELY understand they are still kids and should not LIVE the joke).

  7. She's super wholesome on stage and her dad watches from the back. Met them and have a picture with the little scout in her prime. So great.

  8. Unless you’re a Prince, exec of a major business or media outlet, celebrity, are being used as an informant for any of the secret service on behalf of major governments of the world, or or or...

  9. Kinda funny but I bet it’s from there parents, I’m not saying it Bc it’s a girl I’m just saying Bc soooo many videos are staged or there parents make them do it

  10. I've done a show at a comedy festival with this girl. It's well known among comedians that her dad writes her jokes.

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