Annette Kellerman promotes women's right to wear a fitted one-piece bathing. She was arrested for indecency. (1907) [1180x756]

  1. A woman's bathing suit, that was too indecent for 115 years ago, is now the same thing that many women wear on a daily basis. Yoga pants/t shirt. No one in 1907 would have guessed that.

  2. I remember in the 90s when baby tees and bellybutton rings were all the rage people thought we’d be naked by this time in history…I personally think fashion is cyclical and more nuanced than just “let’s see what we can get away with exposing”.

  3. It goes back and forth. The new womens styles of the past few years are much more covered: loose shirts, high necks, baggy high-waist pants, long midi skirts (with an occasional bare midriff).

  4. Basically the same level of skin exposure has been popular for women’s clothes since the sexual revolution of the 60s. Women have basically been wearing the same things since then just styled differently

  5. THIS is the type of floosie they want our kindergartners to learn about! Feeling ✨exhausted✨by the woke agenda. /s

  6. I wish I could turn the time back to the 1800's to see how this generation of entitlement would feel. We have come a long way for basic humans rights which we all take for granted now.

  7. Yes you can definitely see the areola and nipple. Also not 100% sure if it is shading or not but in the lower private area it certainly looks like you can see where her pubic hair would be.

  8. Bathing suits and gym wear for women are basically painted on nowadays. It's distracting when you're trying to lift. Why can't I lift w/o my shirt on if women can wear outfits that let me see full camel toe? Doesn't make sense.

  9. Most women do not wear form fitting clothes to distract you from lifting. They’re just comfortable to work out in. Maybe you should stop creeping and mind your own business.

  10. Stay at home if you don't want to see women. Why would they change what they wear so you wouldn't get distracted? You ever see a college student go up to a construction site to study and then getting mad they're distracting him?

  11. Well, she lived well past the introduction of the bikini, so I don't think she would be as appalled as you might think. Though certainly you can buy some bikinis with very little coverage compared to those around when she passed, the average bikini at the beach has not dissimilar coverage to 70's bikinis.

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