Holland, March 1979: In a collaboration with Sony, Joop Sinjou of Philips introduces the compact disc to the world, [1080X1350]

  1. My high school math teacher was an engineer prior to being a teacher. He was part of the team that invented the laser that read the data off the CD. All over the top of class room walls were the schematics of what he had engineered.

  2. Genuinely curious what prompted him to go from being a successful engineer who worked on a world famous innovation to being a high school teacher. He must have had a big passion for teaching? That’s fine and all, just curious.

  3. Most of the display cases and shelves in the stores were built for vinyl records, so they needed to be 12” tall so they could stick out

  4. Wow, you were early. I didn’t really start seeing a lot of CDs until ‘92-‘93. By about ‘95 it seemed like tapes were dead and you could get a CD player for <$100

  5. Our family got their first stereo CD player in 88/89. I’m shocked that this was invented in the 70’s. Took ten years for the price to come down. Still think my father paid close to a grand for his first player.

  6. This is what made the SEGA CD kinda a novelty. It was a CD Player that also added more features the SEGA Genesis. Kinda crazy fall of 91 (for Japan) and Fall of 92 (for US) were the release of the SEGA CD.

  7. Another fun fact: the hole in the middle is the size of a 'dubbeltje': ten cents in the 'Gulden' monetary system, which has since been replaced by the Euro.

  8. Fun fact: the Netherland's second biggest football club is called PSV, which stands for Phillips Sport Vereniging (Phillips Sport Club) as it started as a sporting club for this company.

  9. Didnt Phillips at one point like, build half of Eindhoven? Because they did build houses for their employees, schools for the children of their employees etc. ?

  10. The way he’s holding it makes me cringe. Lots of skipping in your future my man better clean it off on your shirt!

  11. I was working for Philips when they brought it out and heard that someone at a press conference skimmed one across the floor to show how resilient they were. They stopped doing that though because it fucked them.

  12. My niece: “what’s an 8 tracks, I heard you’re joking about it the other day”. The joys of the 80s and 90s.

  13. In the 90’s my music tastes were all over the map and I had a small budget so I would buy 8 tracks for 25 cents, vinyl for 50 cents, get dubs of cassette tapes from friends and occasionally by a cd for a band I really liked. It was a great time to enjoy music because the thrift stores were overflowing with everyone’s throw aways as everyone upgraded.

  14. Bought my first CD-player in 1983, directly from the Philips staff shop in the Netherlands. My father was working at Philips. To purchase any CD at a record store was a hell of a job. They only had about 30 or 40 CD's witch I could choose from, and mainly classical music. My first CD: 'No parlez' by Paul Young.

  15. Not exactly, but the truth is even funnier. Two people wanted to start a light bulb company and one of their fathers, a full cousin of Karl Marx, provided the capital.

  16. Everyone's talking about the difference between vinyl and CDs but really everyone mostly used cassettes and then switched to cd. The difference between a CD and a tape was just amazing. Of course at first most of us just had acd player in our house so we'd record the CD onto a blank tape so we could listen to it in the car or walkman.

  17. Vinyl was dead by the time CDs came out. Tape was the predominant format and those are even smaller than CDs in terms of album art. If anything CDs helped album art.

  18. Bought my first CD when they released Sgt Pepper’s in 1987. Didn’t get a player until a couple of months later.

  19. Digital circuits came way before 1979. They were already ubiquitous in consumer electronics by 1979. I had a programmable toy truck (circa 1979) that had digital circuits, microchips, etc.

  20. Forced? CD was a huge leap forward and people wanted it. The popular format at the time was tapes and those sucked.

  21. It’s a bit unfair to blame the CD tech for this. But yeah, ultra-compressed music is only possible cos of digital techniques, and is very difficult to cut onto vinyl.

  22. Not wrong. CDs were lossy being digital and many people complained that certain bands didn’t sound right. The Grateful Dead comes to mind. We had audio systems in the 70s that could put out sound beyond what digital media is capable of recording. So yes, some audiophiles were resistant to the CD. Convenience won out in the end.

  23. That is awesome, can't wait till they are going to create a videogame machine! Something interactive would be wonderful!

  24. North- orSouth-Holland, or is it in one of the other provinces, because if, by Holland, myou ment the Netherlands, you're wrong

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