Hello, my name is (Spanish/English First name) (Chinese/Spanish last name).

  1. I saw a video somewhere that said that the Philippines once tried to change the name of the country to Malaysia to distance themself from the Spanish, the only reason they didn’t was because they were beat to it.

  2. Interesting. Make me think of an alliance between Austria Hungary and Philippines. A multicultural nation allied to another.

  3. Filipino culture has a lot of influences from foreigners. From China, Japan to Spain and the USA. Bc of its location, it is a trading hub where cultures collide

  4. Actually, Cyprus, russia, armenia, georgia, and timor-leste are also asian christians, In east/southeast asia, it is just philippines & Timor-leste

  5. Yeah, man, I agree with you. I think I'm willing to die for this nation's beauty and culture but I won't die for its people. They're just so fucking hard to love.

  6. It really irritates me that the creators of the minions created a fake language by having nonsense words with occasional Spanish and English words and just reverse engineered Filipino.

  7. It's cause we are the middle man of South East Asia. We are literally in the middle, and plenty of peoples pass through us.

  8. Bruh, there are bloody celebrities na last name is Chinese ...we literally have a known broadcaster named Chinkee Tan

  9. It's a shame the countries in a hell of a mess because the fusion of cultures they have is incredibly fascinating and beautiful

  10. Bro I never thought Philippines will make it to the front pages of this sub, coz most of the content I see are WW2 memes and World Expansion from the Great Imperialists so, grats and take my one filthy upvote hehe

  11. It’s funny bc my first name is French and my maiden name super Filipino. My married name completes the French name though

  12. Like with every other culture they pick a first name they like so although Spanish language is native to the Philippines there might be other languages first names used

  13. My dad's family is from Guam and my mother's is black. If I don't cut my hair, I get mistaken for a Mexican. When I do get a haircut, people think I am black. That region just does weird things to people's genetics.

  14. fr. south east asia is just dumb af. legit a buffer zone between india and china. A mixture of the worst cultures

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