Don't you have to have an actual soul for this to work?

  1. 😂 She obliquely referred to this sub when she talked about people who "use big words to sound as if they come from a place of knowledge". We need to dumb our language down to the level of her quotes of the day.

  2. Larry you do realise one must have a soul first before doing ‘soul’ work, because there’s absolutely no life behind your eyes.

  3. I read her caption several times and can’t follow. Maybe if my native tongue was espanish I could understand? 🙄

  4. This is a lot like another time she posted from the car saying she had work, would explain later. I dont recall if she ever did. I think it was left for everyone to guess.

  5. The literal word salad makes no sense- this requires a selfie why? The only ppl who look at her shit are pepinos to try to alert the public what a toxic lying narcissistic shit bag parent and person she is

  6. Meanwhile, she’s sending half naked images of her kids onto a global social media forum, pushing them away when they want to cuddle, (we have footage!) lying, cultural appropriation, publicly humiliating her husband (he’s no prize), faking 6 pregnancies, faking nursing…yup. Soul work.

  7. Imagine how draining being anywhere around this asshole must be? She literally gives off the worst vibes and screams emotional fucking vampire to me

  8. She’s behaving like she has a legitimate forum and fans because of this podcast. Notice the shift to being confident about HER perspective and believing people want to learn from her?

  9. This caught me too. She’s talking like she has a legion of morons hanging on her words. Main character syndrome allllll damn day.

  10. Being publicly despised, humiliated and shunned is a just punishment. I hope this message means she went to a therapy session.

  11. She’s a soul sucker by trade. No cure, just eternal torture of everyone around her and “doubling down” on lies about your basic existence-to infinity. And beyond! (Is there a faux Ethpania afterworld?🤡)

  12. WHY is this her picture for it? Yawn. Good angle of her cheekbones & NADA in the backseat of a chaufffered car as… epiphany?!

  13. Did she "rescue" (abduct) an unsuspecting pedestrian again? Or was she handing out baby lotion and $50 bills to working class folks just trying to have a nice lunch whom she interprets as "homeless"?

  14. Human connection? The only people capable of withstanding her assholeness is drunken Alec and the few paid “friends”. She’s unbearable, I never watch her videos with the volume on because I’ll throw my phone. I stick to Anna for her parodies

  15. Soul work vs soul work “opportunity.” She had an opportunity but doesn’t say she took that opportunity. She’s clever that way.

  16. I can’t wait till you tell us how is the life with not a single one friend thus you have to talk to some total strangers on the int. 🤦‍♀️

  17. If I were going to post on IG talking about something I did that day, it would NEVER occur to me to put the text over a pic of myself. Ever. I'd just write it and be done.

  18. “Can’t wait to tell you about it”. Can’t wait to tell who? You don’t have a single friend! Because if you did you would talk to them before you posted shit like this! What the hell is wrong with you!?!?

  19. She has lacunae in place of brain matter (think Swiss cheese). Could her forehead slope due to lack of a prefrontal cortex (implicated in critical functions like speech production, language comprehension, and response planning before speaking)?

  20. "SOUL WORK OPPORTUNITY" = went to the crossroads & sold her soul to the devil. Very witchy of her. Wonder if she asked for eternal youth or for Lucifer to come early to claim PeePaw Bang Bang. 🤔

  21. Translation= she paid someone new to listen to her cry. Fascinated by her own display of glistening eyes after getting her brows done. 🥺 🤳 Hilaria is fascinated by her own tears, but laughs at her kids when they cry.“😂” “🤣”.

  22. Wow excellent. Can’t wait to not hear a fucking word you say. Whatever it is has been embellished or it’s an outright lie. Go save some poor oriental lady being accosted and fill us in you fucking lying ass liar. It was certainly recorded for us all to see your acting ability. Go home and be a mom. You’re not a philanthropist. You can’t even stay home more than one night with a new baby. Keep your fucking stories. We don’t want them or believe them. Biatch.

  23. Us probably, we’re the only people that talk about her. Maybe she has a humiliation fetish and wants to be made fun of.

  24. Soul work? What? Did I miss something and she croaked and got canonized as a saint? Human connection? You mean you were out alone for the 12th time this week away from your child/pet zoo at home? Shut the fuck up Hillary.

  25. I still think Alec brain damaged her physically and this is the result. He feels guilty because he suffocated her once and Leonetta and a witch doc brought her back from the dead after an hour or the night nurse, whoever.

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