"How these toddlers know what to do with these gloves, when they have zero experience with boxing is beyond me 🫣! I totally have little peaceful me to blame because I bought the gloves for a costume..no tiny humans were injured in the taping of this wild match🤣our house is chaos, but a lot of fun

  1. One of those kids is gonna topple and hit his or her noggin on those hard floors (which are prob heated so maybe not having rugs is some kind of psycho flex? She’s so smol she needs even heating yk) and she’ll finally get why human people have rugs, especially when they have offspring. If she actually spent time at home with those children the noise alone would have driven her insane by now.

  2. No good can come of this. Why in the hell would you encourage kids to fight, even with gloves on. Unsteady Marlou could easily be knocked over. It won't be long for Big Ed to be substantially bigger than she is. God, she sucks as a parent.

  3. So one child has underwear on his head like a facemask and toddlers are being dressed up and made to hit each other. This is for content? No awareness of any difficulties playing sibling violence might cause.

  4. so much fun! what other things can the jailed feral children find to make merry with? what a fun house! wish I could be there! so glad Hilary always shows us her house is the definitive fun house!!!!!

  5. A little bit different than how I raised my kids. Boy-boy-girl. The middle boy who was inclined to hit got promptly punished whenever he hit and he learned not to do this, especially to his smaller little sister. That’s called parenting, and not raising violent people. Alec clearly never learned this lesson in his upbringing either.

  6. I have 4 kids, adults now…so yes my best idea all day was give them all boxing gloves and tell them to fight in the house…but then we lived in a furnished home and not an empty office space

  7. The way the one in the pyjamas jump sits on the head of the one with the underpants face mask is unhinged. Who the hell wants to live in this chaos, no fluffy rugs, no personality in that apartment. The kids running around in sleepwear or barefoot and bare chested, it just looks like an anxiety inducing nightmare.

  8. Here’s an idea: take the boys to beginning gymnastics class or karate and let them get their energy out that way. Boxing is a terrible thing to encourage in a house full of littles.

  9. I don’t think Mama Larry’s brood could handle the structure of actual gymnastics or martial arts classes. After a week (if that), the instructors would be quietly requesting for them to be withdrawn for the other childrens’ safety

  10. And how is Big Eddie going to discern when it’s ok to whack Malibu and when it’s not? This is giving them license to be violent to each other. Why not have a punching bag that they can hit - NOT each other !?! She is just beyond stupid.

  11. CNN) Two day care workers in St. Louis have been charged with crimes after a 2016 video of a "fight club" featuring young children surfaced, a court official said.

  12. Staging and encouraging children to fight like this for entertainment and clicks, is contributing to the delinquency of minors among other things.

  13. Yeah, it's super fun watching your kids beat the shit out of each other. Does she attend cock fights and underground cage matches too?

  14. When Big Eddie knocks the 💩 out of little Meddy Lou this bish will still be videoing it and posting it to her Instagram!! She’s a pathetic excuse for a Mother. 🤬

  15. Please comment on whatever the Fuk you want!!! You have no children but you know this is wrong, you are already a 100 better parent than her. 💯

  16. lmao I dislike Hilary as much as everyone else, but get a grip. toddlers cry, why are you micro slowing a video to confirm it..

  17. Not sure if anyone else has mentioned this but is that Rafa in the background with underpants over his face? He's definitely wearing something over his head and trying to play quietly despite all the chaos. If he's on the autistic spectrum (which some pepinos have speculated about) the whole scene would be distressing for him.

  18. It's a big change in her attitude since Aleeeek made a video after one of his kids bit him or hit him. He was whining about it and evidently Larry Sr said she was glad it happened. Then AB turns his phone to HTB and she explains -- with the phony accento -- that he plays too rough with them and she doesn't want them to play like that. CUT TO: Devonshire Sky Dungeon Fight Club.

  19. Malibu does not have a black eye here, it could not have healed that quickly, this was filmed before for sure and that's how a black eye happened, crazy bitch, her kids will get badly injured one day😕

  20. I don't have kids, but I was one. And I have friends who have them. I know this much: even the most watchful parents miss things and kids can get injured. This bish is courting trouble because of her Munchausen by Proxy. She loooooves taking her kids to the ER. To the point that she made fake vomit on a sweatshirt once. This bish is crazy.

  21. Sadly rage baiting is a thing with some sick twisted morons on social media. I’ll really stick it to the haterz by showing them I do what I want with my own kids” It’s disgusting.

  22. This is just insane. What makes it even moreso is that many of us have a sick shitty feeling knowing that it's quite probable that she's been sitting on this video for a week or more, waiting for the black eye to fade away and that story to disappear so she can finally post this "cute little video" she worked so hard on.

  23. My 4 boys would fuel up and go a bit bonkers, and play a game called 'let John kill ya' in which the eldest would sit on the sofa and defend his position while the younger piled on him chanting 'Let John kill ya!'. The rest of the time they were pretty peaceful. No boxing gloves were used

  24. My brother and I played “poke you in the eye” which is exactly what it sounds like. With a sing song scream over and over “poke you in the eye.. poke you in the eye” while jumping on each other. Ah. The 80’s. So great!

  25. Dying! Me and my sister used to play "stick quiz". One of us would ask the other an impossibly hard question and when you didn't know the answer you would get hit with a stick. There were no right answers ever.

  26. HORRIBLE idea. As soon as one of them gets punched in the nose just right, it’s over. And no one knows why they’re rushing to the hospital. Again.

  27. Poor Carmen trying to be a parent to the little ones. She wanted Hil’s approval so badly :( it breaks my heart

  28. I was glad to see Carmen pull little MariLu away! She really wanted to punch Ed. Ed is always stopping any fun or joy MLu might experience

  29. It’s absolutely damaging to little brains to live in such utter chaos? How about some hot chocolate and watch a kids movie with comfortable seating around a real tv, read a book, go to bed. Calmness. Tranquility.

  30. This awful display aside, why are the kids getting new stuff?! We are less than a month from Christmas. They still have PILES of crap they played with only once.

  31. Imagine if she actually thought about parenting and having them play a game or collaborate and complete a task. Instead, Hillary gives them boxing gloves and encourages them to punch aeay.

  32. "People ask me if I treat her any diffently" --> by differently, do you mean supplying her older siblings with boxing gear to beat her up?

  33. Hmm interesting to hear the women in the background. There seems to be quite a few, how many damned Nannie’s does she have? Their apartment can’t be that big. I feel claustrophobic just watching this

  34. I'm one of six kids, we would never be allowed or encouraged to do this stuff in the house! She's doing it for the "gram". It's all orchestrated, from the underwear on the head, to running in circles boxing. Imagine how quiet the room gets when she stops filming, and goes back in her bedroom to lay down and scroll Instagram.

  35. Right. I understand that what Hillary posted is not ANYTHING like martial arts. I’m saying I take several hours out of my day each week to take my child to an organized activity that has been wonderful for their self-esteem and physical development. Not Bum Fights: Toddler Edition at The Devonshire.

  36. I fully agree! I’m trying to encourage my 10 year old son (on the spectrum) to do some classes but he hates any kind of fighting (bless).

  37. As always, sigh. Perhaps the underwear worn on his head buffers at least a fraction of the noise, while also signaling that while forced to be present, he’s not really part of the mayhem. And Rafa has to be disassociating to beat the band, cycling through all of the ways he DON’T WANNA do this. He wants to be elsewhere, and is pretending—with all of his spindly might and main—not to be. (Source: former big-time disassociator.)

  38. Oh, don't worry, hillz is so smol she can sit in them (and has a few recent videos of her doing so). But totally agree with the wasteful spending on identical chairs.

  39. Yikes. The older boys are egging this on. Marilu is a tiny little thing. They should be taught to be gentle around her especially Edu.

  40. So far she's only gotten 5 comments on this post from her approved sycophants. Even most of them don't seem impressed by this.

  41. So they live in this house pretty much full time and still no furniture? I’d love to know what they al do after supper? Go to bed? Alec go to his other apartment. Mami leaves for the night. Kids go off with the nannies to bed. They clearly don’t sit in the living room and hang out with no furniture.

  42. The first rule of Kids Fight Club is to post it on social media. The second rule of Kids Fight Club is to post it on social media. The third rule of Kids Fight Club is post captions are to be in Spanish. The fourth rule of Kids Fight Club is all black eyes are to be blamed on furniture.

  43. the white chairs in the back remind me of the hawkins lab from stranger things where they kept all the kids, all she has to do is number them

  44. I'M DEAD!!!!!!!!!! 💀⚰️🥀💀🥀🥀💀⚰️🥀💀⚰️🥀💀⚰️🥀💀⚰️🥀💀⚰️🥀💀⚰️🥀💀⚰️🥀💀⚰️🥀💀⚰️🥀💀⚰️🥀💀⚰️🥀💀⚰️🥀💀⚰️🥀💀⚰️🥀💀⚰️🥀

  45. Poor poor ML, hey Baldwins get ur shit together for the 7 children u had procreated! Plz plz plz don’t let them suffer for ur illnesses.

  46. And then off the toys go into the pile with all the other pill-fueled impulse buys that only served as content for less than 5 mins worth of IG videos. I can't imagine how junky that sky dungeon of theirs is!

  47. She saw our comments the other day about ML black eye, and raced to the computer to order these on Amazon for content. She’s so easy to read.

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