1. Carmen looks like she needs a hug. Mami is too self absorbed staring at her phone to realize that she has her oldest daughter standing next to her looking sad

  2. There’s no way that she isn’t in a perpetual state of yeast infection, BV or UTI from constantly wearing this type of leggings. Like let it breathe girl. Geez.


  4. Big girl wearing velcro shoes? Got it. Too busy posting lame ass attempts at attention instead of teaching her to tie her shoes.

  5. What’s wrong with kids wearing velcro shoes? They’re great for a lot of kids who don’t have the capacity to tie their shoes for whatever reason. This sub is to hate on Hillary, not make fun of the child.

  6. They likely have tied laces under the Velcro, it’s a common style with trainers or skate shoes. No need to say negative things about a child

  7. She’s literally leaning over onto the wall to make herself appear smaller/shorter. So bizarre. Pretty sad message to Carmen. She’s pushing 40 and hasn’t learned how to love herself and appreciate her body for what it is. Always wanting to be something she’s not. Requires constant external validation. I promise you Carmen knows something is wrong with her mom. She’s been around the longest. She’s seen it all and heard it all.

  8. Carmen really needs a trim. Her ends look so raggedy. Cleaned up ends will make her hair appear thicker and healthier.

  9. See, look how tiny I am compared to my daughter? So transparent. Kim Kardashian does the same thing whenever she poses with North🙄 what a bunch of flogs. Imagine having this as your mother?

  10. Reminds me of Bethenny Frankel when she showed how she could fit in her daughter’s t-shirt. Her daughter was around 8 or 9 years old at the time.

  11. Haggard face, hair dyed with printer toner, rubber leggings never taken off, and using picture of 9 year old daughter as a siren song for pedophiles. She looks 10 years older than her age and her behavior is so troubling it makes me nauseous. But let’s keep fanning the flames of public attention, Hillary, you lying slag.

  12. This community or whatever you call different topics in Reddit always pops up and I have to ask if the pics that people post of this woman in her leather leggings are all different days or if they are all in one story for a couple of days? I have only seen her in these leggings…

  13. "Will you walk into my parlor?"said a spider to a fly; " 'Tis the prettiest little parlor that you ever did spy. This way into my parlor up a winding stair. And I have many pretty things to show you when you are there". "Oh no, no! said the little fly, "to ask me is in vain, for who goes up your winding stair can ne'er come down again."

  14. It's different when you're referring to kids though. I call mine 9 and 10 year olds big girls because my babies are growing up. It has nothing to do with size or weight.

  15. Do we really need a full on shot of Mami's pleather clad bay window every fucking day? We get it. Your uterus is magic. Pull your fucking shirt down.

  16. That's an insanely ugly jacket. And it probably cost more than my mortgage payments. Has she ever explained why she’s wearing slippers everywhere and for every season? I don't get it, it looks so uncomfortable.

  17. She’s literally making herself smaller/ shorter. Her front foot is slid waaay down making her look shorter. Why is she obsessed with looking like a teen ? I went they the phase where I was obsessed with being tiny but I never wanted to be like my 7 year old daughter 🥴🥴🥴

  18. She’s probably reading these thinking “all these people jealous of how of tiny I am” like no we are creeped out as to why anyone would post this or make their daughter take this picture. Some of us are smaller than you actually - GTFO it. It doesn’t matter. You need serious help because you are a danger to yourself and others.

  19. Pretty soon it’ll just be that nasty pair of leggings standing there. At this point they’ve gotta be able to walk on their own 🤢

  20. I can't deal with these leggings anymore. They do absolutely nothing for her but make her look like she has a square pelvic region. Who told her that this looks good? She could find nice, comfy pants that look sharp with her budget that would be more flattering and elongate the leg. It makes no sense. Please help it make sense

  21. I know she’s tucking the tee in to look thinner but it makes her look so lumpy? Just wear a shorter shirt mamí?

  22. If I see one more image of this halfwit of a woman pop her leg out with her ridiculous pants ..I’ll spew up

  23. very mentally ill constantly posing body dysmorphia and needing attention constantly child-like mindset disturbingly it's way worse because she has kids s no -offense to people who are battling this disorder you are acknowledging it so that's a huge green flag but this woman isn't she is also making her kids very ill by forcing her insanity on them her weird way of eating her delusions of being Spanish and her constant belittling of her hubby and him her odd very odd any so-called friends aren't helping her by staying quite in the background she has leeches for friends if she has any

  24. This is a Poster Child narcissistic mother. Not touching child, obsessed with image in mirror. Every day my heart breaks for her kids.

  25. shes very very sick i am beginning to feel sorry for her kids more and more there should be an intervention to help them to cope living with her she never acts like a mom at all

  26. It's so aggressive. She must put her genitalia out on display at all times. She's thrusting her pelvis towards the camera. The way she was always putting her but and crotch in the air. She's got some sort of fixation with showing off her body in this highly disturbing way. She's so unwell. Burger King knows it. Michelle Who must know. You've gotta be wondering why this weirdo does all of this posting if you're Michelle Who. Like, nooooooo adult without an actual following posts like this. None. Unless they are out to lunch.

  27. I see she read the comments about her camel toe hoof and decided to cross her leg in a ridiculously awkward way, tucking it behind her other leg instead of in front, per her usual other ugly stance. "F" for effort, Pillary! Just change your fucking pants. She's like a drunk toddler, defiant and entirely lacking any logic or rational thought process. I guess she's in her terrible late 30's. Hopefully it will pass by the time she's 60 or so. The doctors have no idea 🤷🏻‍♀️

  28. What is this new thing Mami has going where she randomly tucks in the front of her top into her stank leggings? Is this a thing? I live in the Southwest (US) and it’s shorts and flip flops 9 months out of the year, so I may be the fool here.

  29. It WAS a thing like decades ago in college, you’d tuck a piece of your tee in as a way to accentuate your slim tummy but still keep the baggy looseness of a casual shirt. She hasn’t stopped doing it.

  30. Hilaria - escúchame- the lumpy stomach- lower abdomen area is not a good look. I’m guessing that’s not what you were going for. Quickly readjust for the next mirror selfie.

  31. Fifteen nannies and one mami, and not ONE can brush or braid that girls hair, let alone cut the dead ends.

  32. Good.Lord.... it's the Holidays go make you and your brood worthy and do something for mankind for once. Give your kids something to look up to instead of tits and pumps and fake pregnancies

  33. God forbid Carmen ends up on the taller side and weighing more than 90lb; every day Mami will be “Oh Carrrrmen look how TINY I look next to you”

  34. Exactly eating disorder in this young girls future and she will compete with other ladies because her mum let her wear make up telling her it makes her look good so without make up not good lol idk my head f---k on this site but yeah kids going to have issues

  35. I can't imagine making my kids take hallway mirror selfies every f'n day. I would imagine this is just part of their routine like brushing their teeth and putting shoes on then the mirror selfie. Ugh.

  36. So she got her extensions taken out. Hair looks like absolute shit. Thanks for the video setting the scene for “postpartum shedding”, Larry.

  37. I’m literally wearing black leggings and a cropped sweater right now and I would burn them both if they made me look like this. I don’t know if it’s the pleather or just how they fit but 🤮

  38. It certainly looks like she’s doing another body check. Tucking her shirt in shows off how trim her tummy is mere weeks after “birthing” lil Ill

  39. Never and arm around Carmen to show love, just posing for the gram 24/7 in an overused hallway wearing overused pants

  40. For all the time and money she puts into getting her hair done, the cut, color, and blowout are always terrible. She might as well be going to a mall in 1997. It’s NYC; you can find a place that won’t give you box dye and helmet hair.

  41. I don’t know much about Kim K but I do know that she’s really tiny like H, that she has a lot of kids, that she used surrogates, that she lies about procedures she does, and that she is love with her own image. But the more I read and see Kim speak out on current issues the more respect(?) I have for her. Is she a media whore? Yes she is. But even seeing her tik toks with her daughter I’m not repulsed but surprised unlike how I feel about H. Maybe I don’t know enough about H but if it came down to it I’d much rather be stuck in an elevator (or a NYC high rise hallway) with Kim. K.

  42. And say what you will about her fake body and denial of it, she's a loving mom. And had pre-eclampsia with her first 2 pregnancies and was advised not to carry another for her own health. She was open and honest about her surrogate use. I can respect that more than for vanity reasons then lying and claiming to have carried and birthed children you did not. Hillary could've said it was health related too. She's just too vain and full of herself. She needs all the recognition.

  43. I agree. Kim K actually does work on behalf of prisoners. She has a soul somewhere underneath all of what hollywood and her momager turned her into.

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