English is difficult

  1. What happened to Marilu’s black eye? Shouldn’t it be a sickly shade of green at this point? I only recall seeing the eye injury one time, and then never again. Did she have an overnight, miraculous recovery, or is Mami photoshopping it?

  2. Is she trying to play on the phrase ‘these two’ but failing with ‘these crew’ kinda meaning too but also being high while typing it out but laughing anyway and saying out loud ‘I gotta post this! Ha-ha!’

  3. She graduated from a New England private school and wants us to believe she can’t speak English properly?! She is so deep into this farce that she believes it herself…

  4. And supposedly “went to education “ at college. All majors require a couple basic English classes. How did she pass those? Oh wait, we don’t know if she actually graduated, do we?

  5. Now that I've been around this sub for a little while, I finally get why so many would say that these kids always look unhappy...

  6. Look at these two totally looking like twins.🙄 Ed is sooooo much bigger than MaryLou (in my opinion he looks pretty ridiculous in that stroller—he’s 2.5 years old, why isn’t he out walking??) and his feet are like more than twice as big as her feet! It’s so ridiculous that she actually tries to pass them off as twins.

  7. Haven’t read all the comments, but at least they have hats, jackets, shoes and socks on. Is she dragging them across the street to get a coffee and some photo ops?

  8. Photo ops is the only reason she engages these children. Otherwise the nannies take care of them so she can take selfies or go out to the bar. She will have hell to pay when they reach the terrible teens.

  9. These crew?! What an illiterate moron. Know she’s bad in her “claimed” slash poached language but she’s even [email protected] in English- her MA prep school & Mayflower descendent LEGIT & true first language.

  10. Hey Hillary, you are an American who was born in The United States & whose first language is English. Do yourself—and especially your children—a favor and stop trying to sell the ridiculous fairytale that you are a person who learned English as her second language. If you don’t know who you are, let me shed some light on the situation: you are George Costanza still driving his in-laws out to his non-existent house in Montauk. Give it up already, Ma Nure.

  11. Ed is MASSIVE! Pretty soon he’ll just jump up and walk, and have to hump that pushchair or his highchair around on his back at this rate…

  12. His shoe size compared to Malibu’s is ridiculous. That whole “twin” grift Mami plotted sure did get away from her 🥴

  13. I would like to see footage of a woman from Boston reading some of these ridiculous quotes from her to highlight exactly how bizarre it is that this very American woman speaks in faux ESL broken English.

  14. I have a little girl and I love dressing her cute every day. Marilu is always toddling around in some baggy, ugly clothes that look used

  15. Do you think? She doesn't have the time to invent her word salads. I'm sure she does it occasionally, but when someone doesn't help edit her diatribes, they're a disaster.

  16. I imagine Ed would like to walk a bit. If Hillary has her way, she’ll have him in a stroller till he’s 16.

  17. This is their new living room. It was previously the never used formal dining room. It's been garishly wallpapered and the living room sofas, arm chairs and lamps have a new home there. There's no longer a dining table and it is probably not missed.

  18. I don't understand why they did such a cheap remodel. Look at the floor at the bottom.of the strollers, those floors were not laid by a professional. He has money, is he not willing to put any towards the kids prison?

  19. Mary Lou looks shellshocked. I’m guessing since she didn’t “fix everything” with her unexpected arrival, she bears the brunt of her mother’s anger.

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