So far gone in her own fantasy land

  1. Why does she take so much pride in looking like she smells frowzy…..also, ML did not say a whole ass sentence…..also, still not Spanish

  2. Please. That poor, sweet child has trouble standing upright. There's no way she's speaking in complete, coherent sentences, much less worried about her absent mother leaving her once more without her damn phone.

  3. My daughter just turned 15 months this week. 90% of what she says is baby babble. I don’t understand how or why she got away with her bullshit for so long.

  4. Lololol, no, but if they sold it, they could buy a whole Motel 6 with the proceeds! A couple of months ago, someone posted the floor plans. It’s kinda whacky. If I remember correctly, it covers something like 6,000 square ft., 2 floors, and one smaller section is its own apartment.

  5. She has absolutely nowhere to go other than to grab a coffee get one of the paid paparazzis to take a picture of her and then get back in the house

  6. She just has to keep coming up with these captions because there’s nothing else. Other than the hundred children that she paid for, she has absolutely nothing else going on! There are no projects, there are no jobs, there are no friends, there’s nothing. Just the paid paparazzi’s to take a picture while she’s grabbing a coffee.

  7. Toddlers are so funny. But she insists on making up this crap. For the sake of this sub. If she would just stfu and put her phone down, she’d have better stories from those kids. She’s like a single women forced to model with children and she’s not quite sure what to do with them. It’s as if she’s the neighbor. Her stories are such a big yawn. Boring. Vapid. Moron.

  8. Maybe a coincidence but a little before she posted this, I commented on here mentioning ML is the exact same age as my daughter but seems developmentally close to a year behind her (I know all kids are different and it’s no fault of the child but they seem to just not get out enough). I think the comment I responded to said something about her not ever talking.

  9. No! A few 14 year old girls wear them when they randomly dress in sweats to look like “I’m chillaxing” but nobody else does.

  10. Larry does not jet out without saying goodbye. Her toddlers call themselves Dedes. They remind her not to forget her phone. It's so funny!

  11. This BS is a perfect example of why she is ostracized. Not that the Spanish/faux expert etc., wasn’t enough. It’s this smug-ass nonsense, after all of what was exposed, that makes her socially repudiated.

  12. Dudes she is really gross. What’s up with the big hair and now the black on black leopard print shiny leggings with big fluffy slides with gewgaws and trash all over them, cheap sweatshirt tucked into cheap leggings over cheap clown tits. Ugh everything about her is so repulsive. What a fucking slob.

  13. This would’ve been believable if her kid said that to her in Spanish. But in English? That’s sus! /s

  14. wow! the kids (under 2) are telling her not to forget her phone! even they know what is most important to super mami 🙄

  15. Marilu can barely talk and she expects everyone to believe that she uttered an entire sentence lmao she is DELUSIONAL

  16. Cos they know it’s the thing you can’t live without ! Fuck me the world is going to shite I don’t care if your likeable or not who wants to stare at mothers who do nothing but stare at themselves all day?!?

  17. Mental illness is no joke but Hillary is a complete joke so where is the middle ground with her 🤔 I have really come to believe that she does not leave the house just goes out to the hallway and poses for a picture and then goes back inside. I’m sure the nannies are dragging the kids all over the place, and the baby nurse has Siete

  18. That’s her actual brow line! We don’t know why she got new brows tattooed on so high like a drag queen, nor do we know why they are green.

  19. And then little Malibu went on about her day of taking her advanced college courses and working her full-time job, yet still managing to upload the newest episode of her own podcast: "Raised by Wolves".

  20. If she’s going to lie anyways why not make it something interesting. Like an eagle flew in and snatched her phone but Mami fought it off and recovered the phone but somehow the eagle managed to take all these sexy pics of Mami and accidentally posted them on Instagram.

  21. I would wear this without the tucked in shirt, it would need to be black cotton leggings and a tennis shoe or boot. All her pieces are or wrong. And the constant drone that the kids " said this, took this photo, someone stopped me to say, Alec told me to post..." girl it's just you and your crazy ass thoughts roaming around in her head. That's it. No one is telling her these stupid things. The twins don't refer to themself as anything, dumbass! ( her, not you!)

  22. Okay, wait!! At this point these pants are trolling! Honest-question?? Has this woman NO ACTUAL CLOTHING?? I really do think she had horrid taste- but the pants- they are every. single. day! #stinkyemoji 🤮 a

  23. And even if she owns 10 pair....I'd be worried of wearing the same exact scrubs to work daily bc people would think I have no clothing and wear the same pair every day and prob stink and are gross.

  24. And the SLIPPERS!! FFS how does this woman traipse about the streets of Manhattan in goddamn slippers?! She looks like she rolled out of bed and forgot to dress her entire lower half

  25. Dedes. Dear god, give it up Hillz, that is not what they call each other. It’s what YOU made them call each other after one of them said “de-de” (dada?) since their father was standing right behind the other one’s stroller. They are NOT twins.

  26. But I thought you didn't have time to wash your hair because you're so busy with your SEVEN babies - you're leaving them AGAIN? You give us all the dirt we need Larry. Every damn day.

  27. I hate how she tucks the front of her shirt into her slick willies. She just can't be thought to not have a flat tummy. (unless it's the moon bump of course)

  28. Who the fuck tucks their long ass t-shirt into their hideous, high waisted leggings like this? There are homeless people better dressed than you, Larry.

  29. Even if this had actually happened, it would be nothing to be proud of. For even a toddler to know SHE isn't going anywhere with her mother, but that the phone will be top priority. And why does she need to say goodbye to the kids? She doesn't work; stay home for once!

  30. No, Hillary, it was a joke because Marilu knows telling you not to forget your phone is like telling you not to forget your head. It's attached.

  31. I just want to say that I am a truck driver and have days where I am not exactly looking the best. 90+% of the time I am more put together than this lady. How does one consistently dress this bad??? At least change the leggingos for God's sake.

  32. Could not hate her more at this point. She has no self awareness whatsoever because if she did she'd be as sick of herself as the rest of us are.

  33. Agreed. I’ve been spending less time here because she’s making me so angry and sick. It’s hard to watch a mother abandoning her children (including a fucking 2 month old baby!) to go out and party every night.

  34. Hilaria Baldwin Try To Pay Attention to Your Kids without Posting it on Social Media Challenge!! (NOT CLICKBAIT) (GONE SEXUAL) (GONE WRONG)

  35. If I lived in that building, I would be compelled to soap that mirror or black it out. Anything to keep this kestrel in her nest and off the public landing. She is cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs…

  36. Her AM work out is either walking to the hall for a pic OR just yoga because she wears her slippers. You can't run etc in slippers. That being said WHY is every post about a kiddie tidbit or words HER as a selfie in the hallway. She just can't help but post more of HER HER HER but 'talk' about her kids vs getting a happy shot of them. When she DOES get them in shots they are miserable, lame pics, poorly framed, etc etc. I don't get it. Her 'posts' are the pics I would delete in my camera so I can only imagine how bad her stuff that she doesn't post is.

  37. I’m sorry, did you not see her Elle “waking up with Hilaria Baldwin” video? Her am workout is sit-ups with her newest pepino and push-ups to kiss her baby-they love it apparently! /s

  38. This is my best idea… I have 100 screaming kids that I don’t know in my crappy apt, many of them newborns, and I’m going to pull on creepy patterned leggings and a sweatshirt with something meaningful on it, tucked into leggings!! and slip on my NEW slippers and go into the hall and take a selfie. And oh LOOK AT MY HUGE RING

  39. Look at it! this is NYC corny WASP, but you do you and dress like an idiot with those hideous slippers. In this town we know we might have to run, whether to catch a light or for anything. but you are so removed from this place, the culture, the fashion, everything. when are they moving to Vermont?????

  40. Just a body check photo with a poorly executed, untrue caption. Notice the tucked in tee shirt and her flannel fanned back just right. Everything is calculated, that is what is scary

  41. If a 21month old actually said, "Mama don't forget your phone" she's some kind of savant. I don't think she's a savant so I'm going with never happened. Not to mention, there is not one instance where I can see that Hilly Mae would actually FORGET her phone. That would be like leaving a leg's a part of her body.

  42. I mean, I’m sure none of this alleged story actually happened, but the bit about a toddler telling her not to forget her phone actually seems plausible to me.🤣

  43. It would be plausible (since everyone knows Hilary’s phone is EVERYTHING to her), IF MaryLou could talk. But since she can’t say more than a couple words, we know it’s complete & utter bullshit.

  44. Where is she goiing dressed like that? Seriosly? I would go to the nearest shop to buy milk i that outfit, but even then I would wear proper shoes. Anyone wandering around town dressed like that is not ok.

  45. Since she is never photographed wearing that outside, I think she just goes to the other apartment where the kids aren't. There she thoughtfully edits a mashmillion pictures of herself and kids and creates collages for the "fan" accounts.

  46. Omg. If I saw this thing heading towards me on the street I’d run the other way. Does she think the stuffing of her shirt into the top of her leggings is a good look? I’d never do that in the first place but I’d RILLY RILLY never do it a month or two after having a baby.

  47. In her head she is the breeder then the eye candy of the Baldwin Brand ™️. She probably labels the nannies as the Mother and care taker. Avoidance of accountability.

  48. This is something you’re proud of? Your kids know you cannot live a single second without that phone in your claw, that they have to remind you? Sad, sick and once again bailing on your worn out, hungry kids.

  49. The fact that we've seen the personalities and lights dim in both Ed and Marilu in real time, and now there's a newborn who has also been denied physical and emotional connection with any parents since her arrival a few months ago... at best Lil' Larry receives some basic needs from a rotating staff of hired people... makes me despise this woman so much. And also Alec for enabling her self-centered, abusive sickness. Alec doesn't want to go anywhere near that newborn, because he never wanted all of these children, yet he still never says no to Hillary getting those embryos implanted into hired surrogates.

  50. Violet hasn’t put down her baby since she was born, and while Vi is annoying, that’s what I hate Hillary for. She barely touches the new one, it’s so cruel and toxic.

  51. Yeah I’m not trying to be a mom shamer, but you can’t just never be with your baby when it’s that young. It causes attachment issues. Not to mention the toddlers who had so many siblings in quick succession and never got a chance to bond with a parent.

  52. I didn't even think the DEDES hung out anymore together because the narrative now is ML is taking care and rocking her new baby tister now No?????? 🤔

  53. It's much more likely Marilu didn't want to be forgotten herself... but Hillary didn't notice the neglected toddler. She was too excited to get out into the hallway to take a selfie with her breast pump.

  54. The bedazzled heinous hooves again? She has to have on at least one loud and stupid accessory or clothing item at all times so people don't look at her grey tattoo eyebrows and equestrian facial structure. So funny that the paps never get her strolling alone outside on her way to these supposed exercise classes. Because she never goes.

  55. She incessantly lies about the most insane things. Everyone knows Marilu didn't conceptualize or say this. We can see the stage of development she is at. And absolutely everyone knows that those two kids aren't twins... they were birthed by two separate surrogates at two different times, and they have no connection to one another beyond what they have to any of the other siblings that they're cooped up with. It's mind-boggling to consider why she lies like this. Not to mention she sometimes carries a breastpump around in a backpack when she feels like doing that narrative. And then abandons the narrative when it's not interesting to her.

  56. This is what always gets to me then I remember I’m thinking about it as a rational person. The gravity of the lies don’t matter to her because her entire life is a lie. She has serious issues.

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