A 6000 square foot apartment without a study or kids desks for homework and crafts? Why does all activity take place on the kitchen/living room banquette table. Apart from eating.

  1. 📝🤨🧐 🤦‍♀️ He didn’t print that— his writing was barely legible before. She told him to add the heart, and she’s using her child to gaslight us. Is that Carmen next to him? So he’s getting double reinforcement about his entitlement to become a child stalker of his classmate— again? Hilaria sent someone to Rikers for being a stalker— even though a mutual friend said Alec slept with her, and Alec also emailed her back many times. Now she’s having her kid write several letters to a child, encouraging him to infuse romantic adult feelings to a child’s communication with another child?

  2. He’s 4 years old. He most definitely did not write that. I would be surprised if he can write any letters at all, since he’s not even kindergarten-age and nobody seems to bother to take the time to teach the kids much of anything and education isn’t exactly valued much in that house. I think the Romeo-writing-love-letters is nothing more than a far-fetched storyline dreamed up in Hilary’s delusional pea-brain. (“I’ve got a great idea for staged storylines on my Instagram! Since his name is Romeo, I’ll pretend that he’s the ‘romantic’ one who loves the girls! Heehee this is a great idea! Even though I have 2-year-olds who can’t talk yet, people will totally believe that my 4-year-old can write love letters!”) 🙄

  3. How about turning the paper so he can actually practice his writing within those dotted lines. That’s why they are there.

  4. Oh shit, how could I forget the Baldwin Beatles cover band? All of those adult instruments she purchased for the kids just for photo ops versus actually getting them music lessons.

  5. So, someone else has apparently already gotten him started on this "love letter," you can see an adult had already drawn a heart and written "Fra--" and another word I can't make out

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