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  1. And yet again..she continues to perpetuate the Spanish grift. She named the child like she's Spanish royalty..she really is a whack job

  2. This looks like a creepy ransom video - like she’s holding the cat and baby hostage to extort the real parents/owners.

  3. The cat does seem content. Hils giving the cat that little head bonk - that’s more loving than I’ve ever seen her act with any of her kids. Should have had seven cats instead of seven kids. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  4. All her pics look cluttered and dirty. There's pillows, a stack of jackets, and a friggin' cat all piled right above baby's head. I don't know how she can stand it, I need room to stretch and breathe.

  5. I was really hoping since she spared us the birthing details she was going to spare us the breastfeeding porn. Sadly, no...😓😑

  6. ML’s “intro” into the world was obviously pathetic and sad (but admittedly did draw some attention; albeit, if only for the fact that a natural birth by big Larry was a scientific impossibility, thus, prompting even more public questions/backlash beyond the Spanish grift), but this one. Oooof. I can hear the crickets chirping from here.

  7. Does anyone else find it funny to refer to the same person as 'the baby' and by her name in the same sentence? And she just wanted to make it about herself - so much so she listed herself first and 'the baby' last. What she really should have said was 'I'm jacked up on drugs, the cat is my only friend, oh ya - don't forget to look at this new thing I bought to place focus on my figure. Specifically my tits."

  8. Ok I see what she's doing here...she's trying to act like she has the breastfeeding rush of oxytocin hormones and is all quiet and blissful and cuddling with the baby and cat just 3 females...except she IS NOT making milk and the poor cat is like don't drag me into this

  9. The cat might have a suit on instead, which is getting more common for spays. I can’t tell since only her head is in the video! (One of my cats didn’t have anything at all to wear after her spay, since she didn’t bother the stitches.)

  10. It depends on the vet, some cats have the cone, some get the anti-licking donut, some have like a onesie type thing, some just have a bandage, the cat may still have the cone, it could have just been removed for this video.

  11. She really couldn’t wait to whip her tits out. Having a new baby was the only way to reintroduce the world to her busom. We’ve been tit-less since Alec killed a woman.

  12. JFC this idiot looks like i did after shooting heroin and struggling to stay awake. (Been clean for years now.) She looks seriously inebriated. Isn’t there anyone who can intervene and have this drug-addled mess maybe NOT hold a newborn baby??😳 Hello, Alec??? Then again, i think Alec is completely checked out and has pretty much nothing to do with baby ILLARY. I get the vibe he was against even having this baby, and is probably off in his separate apartment all like “Whatever….She’s on her own. I have other shit to worry about.”…as he watches Clark Family Band videos, sobbing, drinking booze, and longing for years past.

  13. Can you imagine nodding while caring for a newborn, not to mention the other two toddlers, preschoolers and grade schoolers? My god does she not have anyone who loves her?

  14. Just couldn’t wait to get them boobs out again. I mean, whatever. Her body, her Instagram, her right to post what she wants. But damn, let that baby eat in peace and leave that freshly spayed cat alone. (Note, I did not say she was breastfeeding. I don’t know what she does, but I’m assuming the baby is consuming some sort of food whether it be from her breast or a tube.)

  15. Big Lar is testing the waters to see if she can slowly reintroduce the lactation porn that she’s been dying to make. She is such a sick fuck.

  16. Arent you suppose to keep cats away from little babies (and pregnant women for that matter... but we know THATs not a real concern here). I know the cat is probably still partiall sedated (lucky feline!) I just worry for the safety of those kids so much bc she is a Class A Dope.

  17. Would someone get implants removed to get other ones (bigger maybe)? Sometimes trying to find a shred of logic in this loony bin gives me a headache!!

  18. Using babies as an excuse to parade your tits on the gram is foul. She has 7 kids. It's over for sexy Mami. Jim Bob Duggar may get off but this is embarassing.

  19. When I had my third child, I basically wore her in the Baby Bjorn as I continued normal life with the other two, the dogs, and my husband. Yes baby and I had quiet moments when they were at school and he was at work, because l spaced the years between kids for quiet moments to happen. There is no way I would have had a two year old, one year old and a newborn.... and spent any free moments taking smug shots for the gram.

  20. She makes we wanna puke. That smug look, trying to imply Iberia is nursing, the cat nuzzling. “Look how sexy and nurturing I am!” Fake fake fake

  21. 🚨 🙀 🥒 Pepino Cat Lovers 💌: the last 3 seconds, ffwd. ⏯in slow motion to see her cat fucking side eye Smug Hilaria + flinch + ever so slightly snarl with a lip flinch/curl, as Hilaria, fake cat lady/self-described cat lady, does cat face rub/my cat loves me, epic fail.

  22. Why has she been using the extra weird 'I'm melting!' filter over her face these days. Look at that hilarious drooping eye at the end and rubbery nose and mouth. So creepy!

  23. No.. shes easing us into it. She knows our collective heads will explode when that starts up again. And with 35K+ - that's a big explosion!

  24. Spayed cat...major surgery..they recommend a quiet room alone to recover. .don't want cat to jump up on anything...most importantly stay away from other cats and kids that can harm the incision site.

  25. She was gonna feed the kid , but then she got high. She was gonna cut nuts on Tom, but then she got high…. Again she’s faking shit, and We know whyyyy, hey heyyy ….

  26. I told myself when the breastfeeding porn starts up again, I need to leave this "chatroom" at least for a while. I'm not sure I'm quite ready for that but I can't do this again. 😬

  27. She’s got that look on her face like see? I’m back. Smug pancake ass, silicone fake titties, bizotch. Go back to being silent while you were faking having a baby.

  28. My guess was 48 hours. So I missed it. But I was semi close. Any excuse to whip them titties out and she’s down.

  29. The baby is sleeping. Let her sleep. Strategically place hand to imply feeding, but it’s all an illusion. She has not learnt a single lesson from everything we said on this sub. I don’t think she will finish with this one I’m afraid. A baby gives her legitimacy to post these type of images. She is sick.

  30. That’s what I thought- then I see it was spayed. No wonder it’s sitting next to her. The poor thing is recovering from anesthesia and abdominal surgery. Instead of letting it quietly rest she is using this opportunity to smoother it. Good God I hope they at least keep the ferals away from the poor cat.☹️

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