As others predicted, she’s back on her stories. Giving such loving looks in this mother daughter photo…and it’s not to Carmen 🙁

  1. Wait I thought she was supposedly breastfeeding 🤣 didn’t know you could get a massive boob job while breastfeeding

  2. We get it Hilary- here’s my big veiny new not milk gorged tits, here’s my big ring from my mother murdering husband… here’s what I just don’t get… why does Hillary dress like Maureen Stapleton’s character in Bye Bye Birdie and the little girl ( can’t keep track of their names-I’m not Spanish) always looks some cross between Iris in Taxi Driver and Cozette -Les Miz? She’s like 8 or 9 right? I was responsible for my daughters’ choice of clothes at that age..this little girl is in NYC and mom knows she is going to photographed… wouldn’t you style her up… maybe cut/ style her hair? Maybe I’m wrong but I don’t get it

  3. We already know she has no shame. Why else would she post this pic smiling away at herself with her new boobs and first born? This was the same woman asking people to plis leaf her alone right?

  4. I really don’t like adding to the negative posts here yet I do so because I feel the energy like y’all. Right now I’m feeling that this kid wants some attention and would rather have her mom’s attention then watch her mom take a selfie. I don’t understand any of this! I know I’m not a perfect parent and yet…THIS! Get off your f$cling phone and give your eldest daughter some attention!

  5. It's almost like a mother didn't get killed and die and left a beautiful child and widower all alone in this world due to negligence and lies and fraud and years of abusive and entitled behaviour.

  6. Who is the moron speaking to? Her pumped up boobs ? And numb nuts you are inside take those awful sunglasses off….and change your shirt….can they put her in jail too? She is so god awful.

  7. As soon as I read your comment I started humming pumped up kicks... but substituted kicks for tits. Then laughed like a 12 year old boy over bewbs 🙄

  8. I remember when I got new boobs and they looked like this… super high and tight. She really got these recently. I got breast implant illness and had mine removed in capsulectomy and thankfully my illness went away… she is about to go even crazier having all that silicone in her chest.

  9. I thought she was looking a little heavier also. That would explain why she's not wearing her normal tight ass pants. I could totally see her getting pregnant, for real this time, to add to the current drama.

  10. Interesting 🤔 Different sunglasses. Different pants. 😲 Different jacket- one that covers her age appropriately SAME ASS SLIPPERS 🙄😒

  11. She's been hiding her face for days. I think she had her eyes done while also inflating those cement boulders

  12. The slippers legit represent everything: -“The emporer’s new clothes” syndrome -new money vibez (sorry ma and pa Hayward-thomas) -looks homeless -child looks drugged -mami has new wifebeater titty tee

  13. Whatever, Larry. Carmen is having a glow up (girl mom here) and I'm here for it! Thrive on sweet girl. I'm so sorry about your asshole Mami.

  14. Tits McGee has her rack in full display per usual- anything for attention- their PR needs to grab that phone outta her claws . Again with those germ filled slippers 🤮😩

  15. My mom had a thing where she would start slowing down when approaching green lights that she was convinced were going to turn yellow. I always thought that THAT was embarrassing, just called her to apologize and thank her.

  16. My mom would turn the car on and off, while going through the drive through. She would creep up some. Turn the car off. Wait for more space. Turn car on…repeat. She was convinced it saved gas.

  17. My girls drive themselves now but I still throw my arm across the passenger seat when braking abruptly. I like your Mom😁

  18. Those slippers make her look even more mentally ill, and her boobs look rock hard (fake). Ugh, Alec is such a loser

  19. All that money and she looks worse with e ery procedure. If I were her Id be wishing I could reset factory settings. She can't stop now. Once they're addicted they never stop. Simon Cowell did the same thing and thr results are gawd awful.

  20. I came here to say the same thing. She's too big for her clothing. Mami needs to take some time out & shop for the kids. But, from looking at those slippers, no one has been shopping lately.

  21. Carmen is going to use her hair to escape thru a window at Devonshire. All the bambanitos will climb down first and then it’s adios loco parentis.

  22. Betchya she pushed Cardamon into those fake jugs, also Hillary Lynn is rilly white here. Where did her tan go, MLK day was just 2 weeks ago. Weird

  23. And just like that.. It's like nothing has happened and like nothing is happening 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

  24. This new loose sweats phase and extra giant tetas is giving me an uneasy feeling. Please don’t let this signal the rollout of Ocho 🙏🏻

  25. These kids hopefully will have good therapists to help them navigate their teens. My son goes to high school with the son of a celebrity. He came home from school one day and said- mom there’s a kid in my class who wants to be friends but his mom is a porn star! I asked her name and he tells me the name of a very pretty non porn star celebrity from Baywatch. I was like- omg she is NOT a porn star! She’s a real actual celebrity! And he says- ‘well, she has a sex tape and not a day goes by that somebody doesn’t show it to him or bring it up.’ That sucks. Then my kid said- he must have a good therapist, because he reacts so good natured and doesn’t get angry, he brushes it off really well.

  26. She and her kids talk about it in her new documentary. It’s very good. They seem so level headed and are so protective of their mom. Highly recommend.

  27. If it’s Pamela Anderson it’s because she’s a decent human being, she just wrote a book and was on Howard stern talking about it. Great Value Larry is seriously whacked in the head.

  28. There’s absolutely no possibility that their peers will not be teasing them or showing them all of the pedo bait posts. I agree that they will need top tier therapists and specialists going forward, starting yesterday

  29. I am thin with big fake boobs, and I get that everyone’s body is different, but it takes real deliberate work for me to have them popping out like she does. Also, it is fucking inappropriate around your children and makes them uncomfortable.

  30. What statement is she, Hillary, making? It's "pointless" value. Pathetic. So sad and embarrassing. She can't read the room.

  31. The idea that a mother of seven would take the time to hike up her tiddies like that and be uncomfortable. I just don't have the energy to be a sexual snack as I work full time, raise 2 kids, be a wife and companion to my husband, keep house, exercise, meditate, socialize, read books, and look at

  32. De Mami show de Carmencita how to be de floozy wen she grow up. Take a few Xannies & Stan in de hallway where we show de tiddies & lil’ coochie coo!!

  33. They’re new right? The look new. IG hiatus = new plastic surgery. Probably trying to get the procedure in before all the money goes to the defense attorneys

  34. They're new, aren't they? How many revisions has she had? Does she get them just for the muscle relaxants and narcs??

  35. Hillary you look so stupid. The coat is hideous. Slippers disgusting. What is this picture for? Where are you going? What are you doing? Poor Carmen.

  36. Question for those who follow H on IG. Does she get all favorable replies on a post like this? Is her comment content all fluffed up with adulation?

  37. She only allows the people she follows back to comment I believe. So she can ensure any comments be strictly positive. Why any of those people would still give her any sort of positive feedback is beyond me. I doubt she'll ever have the balls to open her comments again. Just look at the Witches Anonymous IG page. Comments are (surprisingly) open there and they're 99.9% dragging her.

  38. Does she have new implants? Way too big for her size. When she was my yoga teacher she was an A cup.

  39. Carmen’s right foot isn’t even all the way in her sneaker. She must have been dragged out for the pic.

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