How do you deal with the scarring? What helps to prevent future scarring?

  1. Scars and incompetent doctors are pretty much a given with this disease unfortunately. I've found that there isn't a great deal you can do for lessening scar formation other than not popping, squeezing, etc yourself. Once you have the scars you can use products to try and reduce their appearance, the only issue is if you get another flare come up afterwards. I used to use a product called 'Dermatix' which was pretty good for scars.

  2. Right. I like my dermatologist but I didn't get many answers when I was diagnosed. My next appointment is in July. I refuse to talk to my PCP about these issues because she knows absolutely nothing. But the scarring is so embarrassing, on top of everything else I have. It's like my body is telling me I shouldn't be here.

  3. I have never used it consistently so I can't say personally how much it works, but my derm prescribed tretinoin and said it can help with scarring.

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