Which City Would Make A Good Level In The Next Hitman Game?

  1. Has there ever been a prison level? Could have some great kills. 47 needing to off someone in high security/solitary could be an interesting dynamic.

  2. IO actually wanted to make a prison level, but since the current engine allows NPCs to go through any doors even when locked, it would be hard to do

  3. No but it’d be a good setting. One of the assassination challenges could be killing the target with an electric chair or gas chamber

  4. Hear me out, Oxford UK. The whole city is basically a University spread cross it. A target could be a guest lecturer and someone high up in the University. 47 can give some great forensics lectures too

  5. Oh this would be AMAZING, and I can picture it in my head right now. Mission stories where you take the place of a lecturer, or you could join a tour group going around...

  6. OK, I love this suggestion - there's actually a few places where a UK university city could work too! Maybe one of the newer ones, so the modern "concrete jungle" architecture could contrast with the classic Old English world of Dartmoor?

  7. A Disney World level would be interesting but I believe there’s a reason why children never appear in this game 😂

  8. My idea would be have the target be an A-list celeb who bought the park out for the day for his friends and crew. No children, just adults with the park to themselves.

  9. All I want is an airport level. It’s got Hitman written all over it. Unless IOI are using it to recreate the Miami Airport scene in their Bond game.

  10. I think they wanted to avoid this because of the connotation of weapons/murder at an airport. Someone posted something here a while back and IOI said something like that IIRC.

  11. What I miss is "set up" assasinations. Where you had to go to restaurant dressed as enemy triad shoot a target and run away from scene to be seen with a gun to put blaime on the other triad and next mission you attack as the other triad to start a war between them.

  12. Yeah this, make it the maze that it is. Have signs indicating locations that literally switch in game to throw you off- (since locals do this irl to mess with tourists).

  13. it'd look cool but depending on how they design it, it could end up like Mumbai/Morocco where it's a city full with people. Which is why I voted Belgrade, couldn't think of a similar map and I'd love some Eastern European vibes

  14. I also want Budapest, Hungary, because I live here, and there was a level set here in Contracts I think, so a remaster would be awesome, even if it is just Hotel Gellert

  15. I think tehran,Iran is a good location and the target is fleeing to iran to disguise because he did somthing in the past and you can't use instict to find him you have to question the people of tehran

  16. Tehran could be really cool, but IIRC Battlefield 3 got banned there for depicting war in Iran, I don't know how they might handle bald assassins though

  17. Belgrade has a greta historic fortress where a target could be hiding. It's a tourist attraction IRL but would be easy to fictionalise, I'm sure

  18. I remember playing Kinshasa in Splinter cell double agent. A Hitman level in that sort of vibe would be cool.

  19. Houston, Texas. a MASSIVE place in a MASSIVE state where just about everyone has guns and cowboy hats are not uncommon. could throw in a bit of Hispanic stuff too..

  20. Reason I chose Cuidad Juarez is because it is one of the most dangerous cities in the world. The cartels have killed more than 370 women there. It’s one of those cities where people are afraid to leave their homes because they don’t know if they’d come back

  21. I’d love to see a Montréal level. I don’t think Hitman has done Canada before but something involving Cirque du Soleil could be really cool. Lots of accidents there.

  22. I really wanted to see a Johannesburg South Africe map, something involving the Ether lab that is supposed to be there. They bring it up so many times that I was sure we had to end up there eventually but never did.

  23. They all have potential, honestly. I still want to see the Vatican. And an ultra-luxury shopping center.

  24. I'd love to see a level set in my home country, Australia. Maybe a level set in the Parliament House in Canberra or perhaps Suncorp Stadium (Lang Park) in Brisbane during a footy game. I feel like Australia is a massive location with a lot of potential that has unfortunately been evaded entirely by the entire Hitman series.

  25. I always wanted New Orleans with the trilogy’s graphics and technology. Also New York City, not just a boring bank, especially if it was more focused on Broadway

  26. I honestly can't believe there hasn't been a level set in Spain, or a level with a shopping mall. I'd love to see the two combined, like a luxury boutique mall in Barcelona or Madrid, with the owner of the property being a Providence herald (and target) tucked away in the management suite on the top floor. Tying to move around with shop alarms that might pick up your guns, different staff disguises for the back areas of different shops, and lots of interesting items to steal or purchase from the shelves, depending on what outfit you're in.

  27. The White House but instead of going after Mark Parchezzi III like in Blood Money, Providence has infiltrated the highest form of government and put one of their agents to be the next president. To make this harder, your identity has been exposed by a mole in the ICA so they know what you look like and that you're coming. You have to get rid of the president's security detail first because since they know you're coming, you only have so much time before he gets to the presidential bunker as a member of his detail and you have to get into the bunker with him before you get locked out and fail. In the bunker, you'd have the option to either convince him to step down and expose Providence which will end with him being taken out by them, or take him out yourself. Then there's escaping the bunker after all that and leaving The White House to end the mission.

  28. Istanbul is too similar to Marrakesh, Ciudad Juarez is too similar to Santa Fortuna, Orlando is too similar to Miami, etc so I’d want Belgrade

  29. I propose instead of Juarez Mexico city, specifically the historic downtown, perfect mix of historical elegant buildings and shady modern alleyways and nbusiness

  30. Rome, imagine a map in the centre of the ancient city and all the ways you could kill the targets with the roman stuff

  31. Would it be offensive to say a twisted oil prince would actually fit very well? Middle East shady practices gone dangerous or something, that'd be really dope tbh.

  32. An abandoned hospital with some traps like falling floor or exposed wire and the target is keeping people hostage

  33. Hear me out Johannesburg South Africa (and now I'm not just saying that because I'm from SA) Ether is based here and I think having a Ether super lab level would be fucking amazing, imagine all the opportunities for lab experiments, gas chambers etc.

  34. I think the Vatican would be a really cool level for Hitman both mechanically and also thematically with Hitman’s themes of corruption(also his history with the church would make it ironic) but it would probably be pretty controversial to make that.

  35. None of those catch my eye but maybe: big conversation center like mccormick place chicago/vegas vintage train station… anywhere Car factory Detroit Tokyo Kowloon city Boston Ocean city Kenya Russian gulags Syria military base Egyptian Hawaii Another china map since that 1 was a let down

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