What do you guys like about Fizzarolli?

  1. Alex Brightman crushes everything I've seen him in. I saw him as Beetlejuice in NYC and he blew the roof off the place. He literally is Fizzarolli in real life.

  2. He's one of those characters that's just fun to watch because of how he moves around, and he's also voiced by Beetlejuice

  3. Pretty good, I do prefer the antagonists in this who aren't really villains and are just other people (the other obvious ones being Verosika and the D.H.O.R.K.S agents.) over the more blatant antagonists like Stella and Striker. Fizz is likely to get much more development soon and I'm excited to see how it'll go.

  4. Everything about him. His exaggerated and funny personality, along with being an antagonist. His character design is so creative and nice to look at, especially cause I’m a sucker for jester/clown characters. His iconic voice, making me :DD everytime I hear him. And the potential his backstory has for when we learn more about him

  5. He’s a good singer, his design is cool, his backstory (what little we know) is fascinating, and IMO he isn’t as bad as he appears or makes himself out to be. In fact, he’s more like Blitz than either of them will like to admit. The only thing that separates them is success, or the idea of it. If they both weren’t trying so hard, they might find it in themselves to forgive each other, whatever happened

  6. I don't know why. I don't know what it is, but ever since Robo Fizz was introduced I've had this massive cartoon crush on him. I don't know why. All I know is that if he was real, demon or not, I'd let him hit this!😳

  7. His actual self made an interesting appearance to me, he acted more "humanly"? And then finding out his past relationship with Blitzo is also very interesting. I wish to see more of him: about his past, comedy: I don't care.

  8. His flamboyant movements, comedic personality and the fact that he's a cyborg with extendable limbs. Dunno why but I Love the idea of mechanical limbs just being able to extend to needlessly long distances.

  9. Perfect time since he is my hyper fixation. He had a bomb ass character design, his VA does and amazing job and the voice fits him perfectly, I love how animated his movements are, he has a lot of mystery surrounding his backstory and he hot 🥵

  10. Someone mentioned he got caught in a circus tent fire or something. All white face is a complete full body scar, and limbs and horns were completely lost somehow.

  11. I honestly can't explain what it is, but there is something to him that makes me think "Yes, I like this character, I want to know everything about them"

  12. I want more info on his backstory desperately, so I’m finding things I like about him as I’m trying to find more clues to his past.

  13. I absolutly have no idea, im a sucker for this type of character and as soon as i saw robo fizz and him, they just HAD to be in my favorite character list

  14. I love his whole vibe. I’ve always loved that whole kooky circus performer type style, it’s always intrigued me

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