If you have swollen lymph nodes. Please read this

  1. I have this since 2 months ago, I think. One small ball lol. Started since I had a major flu when I had depression. Thank you for your advice. Won't touch it.

  2. Exactly. I have multiple swollen nodes that seem to have been there since I was 13 and also thought I had cancer. I've had like 6 blood tests during the years and nothing is wrong, I read some lymph nodes stay swollen after getting sick so it's completely fine. Also I'm pretty sure they get huge when they're cancerous so you would notice.

  3. This is true. I had mono when I was a teen and my right lymph node has been noticeably larger than the left ever since

  4. I’m here two years later after visiting doctor google before my appointment to have swollen nodes checked and spiraling into full blown anxiety. Thank you so much for sharing this. I feel so much better and can go into my appointment with a little peace.

  5. Thankyou. I currently have covid and my neck lymph node is swollen again. It seems every single time I get sick. It goes down but not so the way. I'm terrified it's cancer but it's been that way since in was 14 :(

  6. Ive had surgery removing my swollen lymph node twice now, its been years since my last operation but two weeks ago it came back. Ill stop touching it but I remember my doctor says if it comes back a 3rd time it could be bad. Its a bit irritating when I eat. Im just bummed it came back for the 3rd time. Whats the point of removing it....

  7. I am 15 and i have a node that i can feel and move behind my ear, one on the left side of my neck, one on the back of my neck on the left side, i have like some kind of lump that i can feel on the left side of my throat and i think maybe i can feel a lymph node underneath, i have a node under my jaw on both sides which i think they are supposed to be there, however the one on the right side is a bit bigger and feels different. It has been like this for a while now and i am so scared because in the past it has become sore but then the pain would go away. but i still dont know why it is that size and why the texture feels different. I am worried about why i have them and if my doc will even be able to find out. And evenif they can determine its not something bad like cancer or something in the nodes, what if i have something serious that is causing them?? i dont know what to do i feel so awful. I have had health anxiety in the past but i cant stop thinking abt the lymph node under my jaw being enlarged like that for so long. I feel like i am starting to notice new symptoms like i dont know if its just me paying attention to it more but i feel like my hair is coming out more. Although i did recently change my died and i lost some weight but i dont know. One of my therapists suggested the possibility of low iron too but all of this is just stressing me out.

  8. Hey! I’m 14 and I have 3 under my neck and one of them goes from sore to not sore all the time. I have one on inner thigh, and one under my armpit. I’ve had one of them for abt a year the other ones I’ve had for abt 3 months. I was so so scared it was cancer I got blood tests down, ultrasounds, X-rays, and everything. And all that came back was low vitamin D and hashimotos! Hashimotos is a thyroid disease but it’s not deadly or anything. So check in with your doctor and ask for a blood test! And I also went to a neck doctor and he told me I could feel them bc I was so skinny I’m 110 and 5’3. So that might be the reasoning to!❤️ And I thought I was losing hair and losing weight etc.. but it turns out the hairloss and weight loss was from stress! I was stressing so much abt having cancer I stated losing hair etc.. also stress can cause lymphnode to swell to!

  9. Pls help me i have a hard swollen lymphnodes no other symptoms its been there for 3 months its 1cm and its mobile,is this lymphoma? Pls help me.

  10. Yes lymph nodes can swell for no reason at all. Here is my story almost 2 years ago, I had inguinal lymphadenopathy, largest node swelled to 27 mm. In the beginning I thought I had a hernia, because my groin was hurting for about 2 weeks. Until one night I noticed the lump, of course I started googling and had diagnosed myself. DO NOT DO THIS YOU WILL MAKE YOURSELF SICK. I went to my physician he referred to me a General surgeon for a biopsy, from the first day I stepped in his office, he said over and over, nodes are weird little creatures, they can swell for no reason. He’s had many patients that come in and never find out why. After 1 month it had decreased to 18mm. No night sweats, no fever, no weight loss ect. I didn’t have no prior sickness, flu, nothing, just happened un explained. Blood test was all normal, CT scan was normal, organs looked great. Till this day it remained at 18mm and has had no changes. I went to see him last week and again he told me it’s nothing to worry about, he was not going to refer for a CT scan anymore. So yes they can inflate for who knows what. But yes it’s always best to have your GP check them out.

  11. Thank you so much. I'm the exact same way with any and every new thing that appears in my body. I was reading this and thought I posted it because it soooo similar to how I react to things all the time

  12. Thank you. I needed this so much. I had a feeling the one in my collarbone might be from me poking and prodding constantly! I did see a doctor today who’s doing an ultrasound but I’m sure it’s from me poking it 24/7

  13. This is an old post but I am a 26 year old female.. I noticed about a month ago, two swollen lymph nodes in my groin area on the right side. I went to the dr the next day and she told me to come back in a month if they get bigger. Four days later I went to the er cos I thought maybe my appendix was bursting because I am also a hypochondriac and wanted to be safe. Upon being in the er they tested my blood, my urine, they gave me an ultrasound of my stomach and that groin area on the outside and inside,everything came back normal and they sent me home. Three weeks pass and they’re still swollen and I’m also having leg cramps In my upper right leg and I haven’t even been messing with my lymph nodes Because my dr told me they could get bigger if you do that. I saw my dr again today because of the leg pain and aches that are accompanied with the swollen lymph nodes and she gave me an ultrasound of my leg/node area to make sure there’s no blood clot or anything and that also came back normal but my lymph nodes got bigger she told me to come back in two months to get them checked but I am just a nervous wreck I’ve been depressed, I haven’t been able to work out so my mind has really been on my swollen lymph nodes that in my eyes are swollen for no reason which assumes me to believe the worst and it’s making me ill

  14. Hey!! i’m a girl who’s having the same symptoms as you. at first i thought it was a hernia and now they aren’t so sure and think i have swollen lymph nodes. i also lift too!!

  15. I struggle with this too and it's why I'm here, lol. Uhhh, I guess we should stop googling stuff because whenever I do I always think it's worse case scenario. Easier said than done though.

  16. I used my urge to google for good and found out that the odds for doung people under like 35 or 40 to have the C is like 1:10.000 or even a lot less while any infection can make your lymph nodes swell and even hurt! This is like so ridiculously more likely. I am currently learning in therapy that while yes the chance is not 0 it should be small enough to not worry too much (and ruining your most likely life) especially if there is another much more realistic explanation. I will get mine checked out on monday and try to not feel too bad until then.

  17. thank you for this! exactly what i’m experiencing at the moment. i also had a throat infection back in march and noticed swollen lymph for the first time ever. and i freaked out. i had one behind my ear too. since then if i’m stressed/sick, my lymph nodes tend to get really sensitive? i guess it’s like a normal thing.

  18. Mine have been swollen since 2016 I’ve been to The doctor countless times and it’s always came back fine but still I get freaked out when I touch my neck

  19. I have had over 4, for almost a year now and i literally shut my eyes as i took an oncologist appointment that was 4 months ago i was in a very bad mental state so i didnt mind “dying” she checked them, analyzed my throat with 2 flashes and told me this is literally just your anatomy.

  20. Had you always had these bumps or did they just appear one day? I’ve had the same one for over a year now that just popped up one day

  21. Thank you for this! I just made a post here (I think it was removed though?) because I noticed one of mine felt larger and I was scared to go down the HA rabbit hole. Thank you for this post

  22. I have this fear and constantly feel my neck for lumps. I have an extreme case of health anxiety made even worse by the fact that one of my best friend had a lymph node that was enlarged on his leg (thigh) and he kept playing with it and after a biopsy it was concluded it was stage one lymphoma. It freaked me the f out. He’s in remission but shit....

  23. This is helpful for me to read as I’ve had an enlarged lymph node in my neck for almost an entire year now. And I was very similar to you in that when I first noticed it. I went into a googling frenzy Of panic and anxiety. I did go to dr and have ultrasound done to confirm it wasn’t cancer but to this day I still battle with anxiety over it. I appreciate you sharing and am glad to hear yours have decreased. This encourages me to try to prod mine less. I’ve done it so much now it’s almost a normal part of my life. ..

  24. I’ve also had a bump that I assume is a lymph node for over a year now. I have horrible health anxiety so I googled and sent myself into panic attacks for months before finally going to a doctor, which terrifies me as well, he told me to come back in a few months if it didn’t go away. Well it didnt go away but I’m too scared to go back. Went to a different doctor who said she wasn’t very worried about it but she’d do an ultrasound if I’d like but I declined. I’m trying to push myself to go back and get one though. How was the process of the ultrasound scan for you and your lymph node? Did they have to give you an IV?

  25. I can relate to this. I had a big one In my posterior cervical region (was not sick that i’m aware of) and messed with it so badly cause I was terrified that I made it sore and more swollen. it’s been a month and a half and I can’t really find it anymore, it’s barely there. but every day I still examine the area because i’m scared of it returning.

  26. I had the same! If you have a cervix (and I presume you do from the use of the word cervical!), lymph nodes in your groin can swell up for all sorts of reasons, UTI’s, yeast infections etc - many things that you don’t always realise you have! So don’t worry too much

  27. Thanks for sharing! My HA is very similar to yours in that I hyper-analyze and spiral into a panic over any abnormal feeling I get anywhere in my body but I never go to the doctor because I am terrified they will confirm my fears. Just last Saturday I woke up and my left lymph node was swollen and hurt to the touch. I initially freaked out like you, at first I thought I was getting a viral illness or Covid, but when I noticed the swollen tender lymph node was my ONLY symptom, I immediately went to Cancer. Low and behold, the next morning it was gone. I also do the same thing with my eyes. My BIGGEST HEALTH FEAR is going blind, so every day I am checking my eye periodically- rapidly moving/rolling my eyes to make sure the muscles are okay. Ironically, when I do this my eye muscles actually start to feel strained, THEN I panic thinking the obsessive eye movement is going to actually BLIND me. And the other day I had suspected that I had an eye lash stuck in my left eye, so I kept pulling down my lower lid and poking and probing trying to find the lash. I also started pulling down my eyelids on my right eye to compare the redness in both of my eyes. Well guess what? Now both my eyes feel very sharp and sting. At first I freaked myself out about an eye infection or disease and wondered if I should make an emergency optometrist appointment, but then I grounded myself and figured it’s probably irritation from me Messing with my eyes. Thank you for sharing your story, as now I feel less alone!

  28. Thanks for the post! I am currently recovering from a Lymphoma scare. A few weeks ago my armpit had this dull ache (still having it) and started feeling around my armpit constantly probing it and eventually found a few small moveable lumps. I self-diagnosed myself that I had lymphoma and couldn’t eat for 3 days.

  29. I know this is a very old post but reading this comment gives me such a good amount of comfort. My armpit has been bothering me on and off for the past few weeks and I keep poking it which I know isn’t helping. How are you doing now btw?

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