What do you think of Vox?

  1. I think he’s a simp for the pimp despite being this all powerful overlord of technology. Awesome design tho. Can’t wait to see if he has a sound effect for his voice

  2. The Vox from the Instagram posts seems like a pretty chill guy. It seems like he's in an abusive relationship with Valentino, including two separate incidents where Valentino punched Vox in the face hard enough to break his screen. He broke up with Valentino after the second incident, but it remains to be seen whether or not this is permanent.

  3. I wonder wether he is secretly a red hering and we will get the first glimpse at the real antagonist as the Cliffhanger to the last season.

  4. I absolutely love how brain deadly creative his TV head is, most people would try to work around and make it relatively humanoid but it's just a FUCKING FLATSCREEN LIKE HOLY SHIT

  5. I think his design is cool, object heads are fun, but as of yet, I don’t really care about him character-wise. Which may change, once he becomes more relevant to the story.

  6. Seems like the dude who's more logical from the bunch, i don't see what so special about him, but i think he's a neat rival to Al.

  7. I like him but some people hate him because they say "He's a manipulative, grapeist peice Of shit" even though we only know 2 facts about him

  8. I honestly feel he will be another great villain for the show. I also feel he will have a comedic and villainous wit through out the show, but I also see the 3Vs as characters that will find an end at season 1 or 2. (lol I know it is far fetched but just speculation)

  9. I'm screwed from the start on this... but whatever. I never caref for Vox very much; intriguing concept and all, but the design is something I've seen since elementary school. I want to like this character, but it just feels overdone and lacking.

  10. He's less hateable than Valentino but that's not saying much. I'm reserving most of my judgement until we see him in the series.

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