Taking other morning meds with Synthroid?

  1. There are some things that need to be separated. Ask your pharmacist. For example, iron can't be taken within 4 hours of my thyroid meds.

  2. I take a PPI every morning and I was told always do Levo first, wait 30 minutes, take PPI, wait 30 minutes, then eat and go about my day

  3. I take my PPI at night, completely separate from Levo. I found it decreased the efficacy significantly if taken anywhere near the same time.

  4. Hi, I'm a 35 f with hoshis on levo, a offbrand synthriod. You can't eat or take meds within 1 hr before or after taking it according to my pharmacy and my Dr. Also according to both u can't have anything with grapefeuut in it I believe. Though I hate grapefruit anyway. I have 3 major psych diagnosis, and am currently off mefs under Dr supervision. I tend to take those at night though. But I also am on allergy meds for severe seasonal allergies and those I take whenever, also I have hereditary asthma and have meds for that that are as needed. Not to mention eczema, but the med for that is topical. I suffer from chronic pain from injuries and also have prescription ibuprofen. Sometimes I wake up in so much pain I end up going to the hospital because I can't move without help. Sometimes I also wake up hurting bad enough to where meds are a must just to get up and pee. If I'm that bad I'll skip the levo for urgent pain relief. I do hurt pretty much every day, just most days it's not enough to hinder me. My advice, since I also have a bad habit of forgetting my levo because of a psych med causing perminate damage to the link in my brain from short term to long term memory, take the med when u first wake and set a count down timer on ur phone or a alarm, etc so u can still take ur other meds and eat without interfering with ur synthriod/levo.

  5. I take Wellbutrin one hour after my levo. Along with Jardiance and my allergy pills. I am a coffe drinker and wait one hour after my levo to eat or drink anything. I take my vitamins with dinner.

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