Are there any hardcore bands that have super tame sounding names?

  1. I'm rarely sure if John is messing with me a little bit or not, but when they started up he told me that they used that name because his two favorite things are weekends and nachos.

  2. On the adjacent train - Parkway Drive. Named after the street in Byron Bay where they’d all hang and jam at one of the guys house

  3. Because of Madball everytime I see Fastball come on the radio I'm like, aw yeah these guys gonna go hard. They do not.

  4. For years I always thought this band name was a weird Euro attempt at referencing the jock clothing style of the youth crew. But found out it was a parody of the name of some boy band.

  5. One step closer, for some reason the name always bothered me cause ik its a LP song and why would you disrespect LP like that

  6. I've never listened to Kublai Khan, but every time I see their name I'm like "Wait wut". Not sure if they're named after the poem or the historical figure or what, but it always catches me off guard.

  7. So good. I think they were members with Los Mendozas, the mexican wrestling themed band. I loved Bangers who they went on to be too.

  8. one of the craziest bands I've ever seen. They loved to antagonize their audience. It was really something. good music tho

  9. Gauze Lip Cream Husker Du No Statik Swans (not hardcore obv) Party Cannon (not sure what genre, but I love seeing their Toys R Us style logo in the middle of death metal logos on old festival flyers )

  10. I used to joke about how hc bands in 2012/13 were like WHAT'S UP WE'RE FUCKED IN HALF or like KICKED THE BUCKET, and now they're all like "Daisy" "Soap" "Leg"

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