Overrated hardcore bands?

  1. AF put out one of the single best HC LPs of all time. VIP is a seminal record. But after that they were mediocre if not bad until ONE voice which was decent(I like it more nowadays). Both live albums rip tho.

  2. I’m not too crazy about turnstile but glow on is wayyyyy too good. Every time I listen to it, I love it more. One of my favorite albums of last year of any genre.

  3. I think what I love about Turnstile is that they're an accessible hardcore band. They're a band that I can show to people who have never listened to hardcore before and they'll instantly fall in love.

  4. Always preferred Mad Ball they’re that bit heavier and have a bit more “bite” in their sound if that makes sense idk

  5. Bad Brains is a Legendary D.C. hardcore band. Anyone tells you otherwise, just know that you're better educated and carry on with your day.

  6. I respect the band but I can not get into Kaonashi. Maybe I haven’t heard the track that makes it all click, but as of right now, it’s just not for me.

  7. I feel this. They definitely carved out their own sound and were able to find a really dedicated fanbase which is cool for them but it's definitely not for me.

  8. I saw them at a pop up show in Lawrence, KS. There were like 6 people there not including the opening band lmao. Couldn’t get into them but gave them another shot and now I love them. Definitely an acquired taste

  9. Please don't beat me up but I'm going Fury of V. I want to like them but the guys voice is ridiculous. The music is pretty good.

  10. Not surprised at all considering how much traction they’ve gotten in a short time. I will say though, the drummer and guitarist are some of the tightest in the game rn.

  11. Scrolling down to see the most downvoted replies, always funny. Otherwise it's hard to say because hardcore fans on the internet have this tendency to hype up almost every new band (esp. from California for some reason) ad nauseam very quickly, regardless of how decent and/or original they are.

  12. The notoriety is considering they more or less invented the style that became super prominent for modern hardcore. You gotta understand that there wasnt other bands that sounded like Cro-Mags when they came out. You kind of need the context of the time to appreciate it the way older folks do, the sound has almost become a staple at this point.

  13. Earth Crisis. I say this as a dude who owned three earth crisis shirts in high school (1996) and listened to them on repeat

  14. I really like Scowl and they’re super fun live, however they came up so quick I thought they were industry plants for a hot second.

  15. Absence of Mine. “Smile! Aren’t you happy?” Is a below average album and every HC fan was blowing that shit up as if it was groundbreaking.

  16. Bro that band fell off the face of the earth after that album. You’re right there was hella hype around that band for no reason other than popular members in the scene were in that band. Then boom it bombed

  17. Saw Show me the Body at tied down and it really didn't do it for me despite all my friends loving it. Seeing them again soon so maybe I'll change my mind. I'll also pick some low hanging fruit and throw Knocked Loose in there too.

  18. I don't dislike AF, but I will say I've always thought Madball were the superior band. I think AF has the benefit of being more of a legacy band, so they're elevated in a lot of folks' eyes, like the Ramones or something.

  19. I mean the thing with AF is theyre considered by many many people to be the first hardcore punk band, thats kinda why they get the respect. ( deservedly so)

  20. Not a band but Cro-Mags’ Age of Quarrel album is hella overrated. I prefer Before the Quarrel because it’s more raw.

  21. Saw them and the the guitar was great, but I had to stop myself from laughing at the vocalist terrible attempt at candlemass the whole time

  22. Bro compared knocked loose to turnstile and finch, lmao. Knocked loose is a weird one because they're branded as hardcore because they don't sound like other metalcore bands but they are 100% a metallic hardcore band, in terms of hardcore relevance they could probably be seen as overrated but relevant to the rest of the metalcore scene I'd say they're pretty underrated

  23. Minor Threat. It seems like people talk about fugazi in terms of the band Ian was in after minor Threat when minor Threat should be talked about as the band he was in before fugazi.

  24. I’m not gonna argue that Madball is better or worse than AF, but I will argue that AF, by definition, can’t be overrated. That word means that perception of their importance is higher than their actual importance.

  25. I'm convinced Wristmeetrazor gets play in this scene not because of the music but because the members seem to be good folks and are heavily involved in the scene (booking shows, playing in multiple bands, etc.)

  26. Pain of Truth. I feel like ever since they announced they were a band there have been a hype train from hell for them. Nothing special (just my opinion, don’t get your feelings hurt)

  27. Gulch, momentum, Vamachara, Drain (yes all cali bands) idk maybe it’s just me but these bands aren’t doing anything special. Most of their songs sound like recycled riffs and such. Just my opinion.

  28. I thought drain was kinda overrated too but seeing them live kinda changed things, they have a great energy and Sammy seems like a cool dude. If you have a chance to see them definitely take it

  29. I feel like vamachara would be 10x better if they ditched their vocalist. Dude is weak af just tryna sound like James from harms way and not even coming close.

  30. I've been out of hardcore for over 10 years and randomly decided to see what's hot at the moment. Listened to a bunch of stuff including gulch and drain and they all sound generic as fuck

  31. Are FOB hardcore? I know their drummer played in that one really questionable hardline band for a while but FOB themselves are more pop punk aren't they?

  32. Technically I love Madball but pretty much everything after Demonstrating My Style is skippable. 95 and before their stuff is great and dumb.

  33. I think for ETID it's because it's how consistent they've been with putting out great records, playing a fuck load of shows and having zero drama around them (till recently obvs). They would headline and take out cool bands, they wouldn't think themselves above supporting for other bands and just seemed to have a lot of fun playing music.

  34. Most of the bands with preppy looking members with tatoos playing heavy metal that are considered hardcore for some reasons.

  35. Soul Glo, Turnstile, Code Orange, Show Me the Body, Knocked Loose, Vein etc….all the ones people have mentioned a million times. The ones that get big and then sorta forsake those hardcore roots, or make music for the masses while labeling it hardcore rather than creating something new but true to the genre? Maybe this is pretentious, call me out, burn me. I still think these bands are great pathways into “better” hc, and I still enjoy their music. Who am I to judge. I got a thing for underdogs.

  36. Hatebreed has always been a joke, but I've got a soft spot for Vogel. He's not blazing any trails, but he's doing what he does, what he's always done since '96. But I definitely see where you're coming from.

  37. I remember someone posting like 9 posts in a row about them one day, decided I was just gonna have to pass on that.

  38. Id say it's the other way around with madball being the overated band. Id also add Terror to the list of overated hc bands.

  39. Cannot stand/vibe with Knocked Loose, Kublai Khan, and most late 80s stuff. The first two is because they’re like hardcore-core and then it’s just a production taste for me with the 80s stuff

  40. This hippy thinks overrated is a stupid term and if you don't like something that other people really like, it's you problem.

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