Think of hte most inappropriate song that could play during Michael's rampage

  1. So off topic, years ago me and a few friends got high as you do in your 20's and discovered a mode on mortal kombat with hyper speed and portals that fling you about. We spent half an hour crying with laughter when we paired it with benny hill music.

  2. Pretty much any Christmas song. Not only would it be tonally inappropriate, but also the wrong holiday, a holiday that is basically the polar opposite of Halloween.

  3. Tik Tok by Kesha. Specifically, the part "The party don't start till I walk in" should play right before Michael enters a room full of people and then just fucking slaughters them while the rest of the song continues to play.

  4. On a slight different note, if they wanted to make a crazy ass trailer, score it to Marilyn Manson's Lunchbox (High School Dropout) and just show Michael killing people.

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