Which of these 3 is the worst Halloween movie?

  1. Halloween 2018 (best story, score, and acting) > 78 (best direction and cinematography.) > H2 1981 (best Michael performance) > H20 (best Laurie Strode/ best final girl) > H4 (decent, but nothing special) > H Kills (best kills) > H6 > H5 RZH1 > RZH2 > Resurrection. The last 4 are definitely f tier movies imo while H6 is barely passable. 4 and Kills are mid tier to me. H3 is fine, but it could've been better if Carpenter directed it. Trick R Treat is a much better Halloween themed movie. H78, H2, and H18 are my Halloween movies and the Halloween movies that get it almost completely right imo.

  2. Rob Zombie’s Halloween 2 is a pretty unpleasant experience for me but I can at least respect it as an artist’s vision. Resurrection, though, is a cynical cash grab that disrespects almost everything about the franchise. And although it’s got its problems, I’ve always thought Halloween 5 was kind of fun.

  3. I don't watched Ressurection yet, but i know that this movie is trash because of Laurie death and ignoring the original ending in h20. On Wikia, it is shown that the movie has 3 disconnected and unexplained parts, showing that the one who dies at the end of h20 is Michael himself and not the paramedic as shown in the movie, showing that they made the movie just to earn money to (try) repeat the success of h20, failing miserably.

  4. Between RZH2 and Resurrection ? Well I certainly wasn't bored watching Resurrection; on top of H2 2009 feeling like an overly gory misery fest, at least some of Resurrection's jokes got a genuine laugh out of me. And I liked a lot of the kills in Resurrection, as well at the atmosphere (in like the first 20 minutes at least) .

  5. I will never ever understand the love for Halloween 3.. that movie is god awful and just watched it a week ago.. yuck

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