If Michael were to talk in Ends, who should his words be directed at?

  1. I would rather them not ever make the movie. If that happened it would ruin what makes him so terrifying to me. I love the idea of him being soulless evil but in “the shape” of a human. Him saying anything would completely take that away. In my humble opinion at least

  2. He shouldn’t talk ever, just no. The mystique would be shattered…Like when Rob Zombie’s H2 DC ending had him scream DIE 🤦‍♂️

  3. Michael looking at himself in a mirror, wearing a buffalo bill esque robe “You’re handsome Michael. Would you fuck me? I’d fuck me.”

  4. I’m a fan of the idea, but it could ruin the movie for so many fans. As some of the previous comments have said, one of the many things that makes Michael creepy is how silent and mute he is. Take that away, and he becomes more human, more normalised and less evil.

  5. I really do no like the idea of Micheal speaking. It’d make him human, in my opinion, which undercuts his whole “being of pure evil” thing. That being said, if he speaks to anyone, it should be Laurie. To talk to any other character, especially Allyson or Lindsey, would be extremely underwhelming.

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