4 months: 1000 grafts @ motion hair (korea)

  1. Thanks - Total was 2596 USD, not including flight or hotel. I live in asia so flight was very cheap - Korea was the best option for me compared to where I live.

  2. Wow, your hairline and even hair transplant looks really really similar to mine. Look at my previous post. I think Its coming in great for only 4 months!

  3. Hey! It’s looking great :) I’m looking to go to motion clinic the upcoming year, how was the entire process? I’m looking to get about 2200 hair grafts, so would like to know more about your experience, especially the healing!

  4. yea, is it uncomfy on the first month? I wanted to do it, but i do not have the courage to do it. As i have annual Military service here in singapore wonder if i wear helmet will it affect much.

  5. Hey mate, any update on your progress? It looked like you were about to really thicken up around that 4 month mark. It already looked really good then. Super natural.

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