I had a hair transplant with 3850 grafts, Norwood 6, I'm interested in your opinion on the density, is it good?

  1. You’ll be fine mate! I had a similar procedure done and I’m 5.5 months in and it’s coming along nicely. Just be patient is all I’ll say, it’s all worth it in the end 😁

  2. Did you have some native hair in that region or was it slick bald. Where's the pre op pics?....if it was slick bald you probably won't have super thick density with 3800 grafts because it's such a large area. Still might be a little see through. But it will certainly be an improvement. And you can use certain hair styles and fibers to help it look thicker. But if you want solid density you'll probably need another round.

  3. This is my first transplantation, I drink vitamins, I am 39 years old, the picture of the donor area is after 7 days of transplantation

  4. Yes, density seems very appropriate given the scalp area that needs to be covered. Also you are planning some extra transplants to also cover your crown area, so you need to protect your donor area, which btw also looks very healthy and rich still.

  5. This post made me really happy. Thanks op for your contribution. Im a norwood 6 as well. Im looking to get similar amounts Of grafts. What dod the doc say about your donor pre op?

  6. When I sent pictures for analysis, they first told me that they couldn't do an operation because the donor area was weak, I asked them and they decided to do an operation with a maximum of 2000 grafts. When I went there, they told me that the pictures were weak and that they could take out much more grafts and that's how we reached 3850.

  7. This is a real "work of art". Making it looks homologous and consistent. Hope to post your update couple of months later.

  8. congratulations on the ht the density won't be much. 3.8k won't cover all that surface with great density but it would certainly make a huge difference you had yours after you got to the final balding stages almost mine is done while I still have native hair around that will fall off and I will eventually need another ht to cover it up you don't have to go for a second and if you did. it's a choice to increase density not a must otherwise you'd be left with patchy bald areas lol

  9. I must say ..I do like the placement of the grafts. Its better to be conservative and decide later if you need more than go all in now as the donor is limited. Also if needed based on your results the surgeon may make a more informed decision about which area needs more grafts if at all.

  10. from where are those insertions in your forhead? Ive seen that many times after ht. are those grafts?

  11. You have enough donor for the crown? Donor looks sorta like mine and I’m like 0.5 less on the NW scale and I am afraid my donor is inadequate

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