Week 1 update..what you guys think? I'm super happy with it personally and if it doesn't grow I good rock this look...just wanted a hairline lol

  1. The procedure itself didn't hurt only the local annastetic that they inject you with, but that pain (and it is quite bad) only lasts about 5 mins if that, once the numbing has kicked in you can't feel a thing for the whole op, I was in and out of sleep the whole time

  2. It's not unbearable pain by any means but it wasn't nice, and anyway what's 5 mins of pain for a lifetime of being happy with how you look πŸ™‚ well worth it in my opinion

  3. Looks good man, funnily enough I said the same thing to myself after doing my HT last week, even if I don’t get the growth on top I want I’ll rock the buzz cut with a hairline πŸ”₯

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