How many grafts do you think?

  1. We have a similar hair situation and docs said 2200-2600. But unlike me your hairline really fits to you and it looks very good. But for sure it’s up to you and I can understand through what you are going to

  2. Current hairline fits your face and you even pull this slick haircut off really well. A difficult haircut for most of us. Of course, it's what you want or feel about it. You could fill up your temples with about 2k grafts, depending on the hairline you want.

  3. 1200-1500 if you want to reinforce your recession but at your age would wait at least a few more years to see how things progress. GTFOH with the dumbasses talking 2500-3000

  4. Idk reading the comments it’s like 50/50 for and against you getting a HT. To be honest I think you look super fly and rock the hairstyle. But if you really wanted a HT wait until your hair loss stabilizes around 25 years old then get like 1.5k grafts for the temples. I’m actually going to be in your position after another 6 months of my HT. I didn’t care about the cul de sacs but I also lost my hairline over the last 2 years which was wild to see. But I got my hairline back and almost into month 6 in about 1 week. I’d say we have similar hairlines now. Are you only balding in your temples? How’s your crown area? I also never decided to hop on fin/min but I take saw palmetto now👍. 5 months of that so far

  5. Hey! Thanks for the response. Yeah my hairline is definitely something I obsess over and it’s past the point I’m comfortable with, so I’m gonna get a HT for probably around 1.5 grafts. It’s just the temples. The rest of my hair is pretty thick. I’ve been taking fin for approx 3 years now 👍🏻

  6. 1500 just to reinforce the hairline you already have, don’t bring the temples down too much and go for a perfect hairline in my opinion, that’s what I did

  7. why are some people saying as much as 3K, and some are saying no transplant at all? seems like a huge variance between my hair being perfect and needing 3K. I was thinking around 1500.

  8. I would say you look just terriffic so there is no need for a HT, especially considering that you are too young to know how fast your hair loss will progress. So playing safe with the donor area is what I would recommend and therefore psotpone the HT until you really need it.

  9. I’ll get straight to the point, you can pull this look off. However, I know what you’re going through as I’ve been through the same situation. I would say pre op my hairline was similar to yours and I got 1000 grafts. My hair looked fine to everyone, except to myself. That’s why I pulled the trigger. You can check out my progress if you’d like to see what it would look like post op, so you’d know roughly what to expect. Clinic told me 1000-1500 grafts, but we decided to go with the lower count because I’m only 25.

  10. Actually you don’t need hair transplant bro, you looking good bro, hair transplant is not easy and may be not safe, if you choose scam clinic you might get infected (Hiv like these diseases ) some clinics they don’t care how to clean there equipment they care money only, many clinics they transplant without cleaning and use same equipment for many clients so be careful, also after hair transplant fist 1 month gonna be really painful, if you already decided good luck bro

  11. Honestly this hairline is very natural and the slickback style you're sporting suits your face. I'd rock it confidently if I were you lol. Not worth a HT. Maybe check again after a few years and see how the receding has progressed and then make a call.

  12. I’ll be honest, I think your hairline looks similar to mine, but it fits your face much better than mine did. My doc gave me 2500, so take that for what you will.

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