4 Month Update! IdealofMed, Turkey. 4300 grafts. My right side is a bit slower than the left, but i am very happy so far with the progress. Been shaving once a month, but now letting it all grow out.

  1. How was your overall experience at this clinic? Was the surgeon involved or did the technicians do most of the job? Is the place clean, does it look professional... etc.?

  2. I was also at IdealOfMed, and the surgeon was only there for hairline design at start, then nowhere to be seen. Most admin work (translation, explaining, payment etc.) was handled by one guy who also drives you around. Overall it gave me a bad vibe I have to say.

  3. Hi, it was technicians. No doctor was involved at all. The place was very clean. I’d say about 2 other people where getting a HT the same day as I was. Very low key spot and professional staff. They explained everything every step of the way issuing a translator and I felt comfortable the entire time. Hope that answers your questions.

  4. I also went to this clinic..found them second to none, amazing hotel, (Wyndham grsnd) very professional and informative throughout and after care getting in contact hasn't been an issue, I stayed for about 2½ weeks, I'm approaching 2 months and happy so far

  5. I was at idealofmed in March and safika the surgeon was there for the consultation in the morning where she looked at my donor area and marked out the hairline etc, the technicians then do the donor area extraction part but safika regularly checked up on their progress. The incisions were then made by safika and then the follicles were placed by the technicians, in my experience safika the surgeon was very present all throughout the process.

  6. From the donor area yes, but not a over harvested look. If I shave again I can provide pics in a new post. But when my hair is grown out like now, it is very unnoticeable. No signs of a HT whatsoever.

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