Tommy is talking shit about Lz and Chris on the phone calls Ian showed???

  1. Basically if Tommy doesn’t address the “talking shit about LZ” claim it means he definitely did. Now that he knows he’s been recorded and Ian can prove things, he’s going to be real careful about what he tries to refute.

  2. Jesus, it's looking more and more like paying Ian just to get him to go away would have been the way smarter choice. If even half of this shit is true, then Tommy's business, reputation, and even his relationships with other creators/friends is gonna be completely fucked when the dust finally settles in the jdm space.

  3. It’s beginning to seem like it’s very much a Ponzi scheme and the house of cards is tumbling now. He doesn’t have the money, it’s all been spent on the next build, or parts, etc.

  4. He dug his own grave. All he had to do was be humble. This motherfucker has had everything handed to him on a silver plater and still bit the hand the fed him. Like even if Ian was making everything up trying to defame him as extortion that doesn't exclude all of the other people he has done dirty and talked shit about.

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