Had to hurt...

  1. Every time I look at metal fences, I always think about someone getting impaled on one of those. Jesus, this guy is lucky to be alive.

  2. Knew a kid in High School that tried to jumped over a rod iorn fence like this but taller and impaled himself through his upper thigh. He was in a wheelchair for month.

  3. I drunkenly impaled myself on a fence like this in 2018. Had to pull myself off the wrought iron spike after it went in my abdomen about 3 inches deep. Luckily snuck right in above my spleen and didn't pierce the stomach lining

  4. There was a video about a couple of years back, a guy jumped out of an apartment window and impaled himself on these types of railings, I wouldn't recommend watching it although he did survive

  5. I like how the dude in the car was like wtf then sped out of their like he was gonna catch something.

  6. No wonder he screamed like that after looking down at them. Wasn’t a scream of pain; that was a scream of realization.

  7. on the topic of this wtf do doctors do when your dick gets cut off? do they give you a new one or are you forced to get a vagina???

  8. What's the phrase? "Dress for the slide, not the ride" I believe. Had this guy been wearing proper gear this could have been prevented....then again even leather fails against metal spikes and quick impacts.

  9. Ok, he's an idiot, BUT, whoever made that stupid fucking fence with spikes so low and close to the street could have killed anyone, even if you just tripped

  10. I instantly thought of Tom segura laughing when he started to scream from the pain and or terror of realization

  11. This is so horrible and scary to go through but the fact that he just screamed at that car is making me giggle uncontrollably as i type this.

  12. I believe he shredded his dick off from a article I read about this video. Can’t for the life of me figure out what to type for source cause it’s all just porn :(

  13. Bro stop the car, and call for help !! Don't just drive by like nothing happened... wtf is wrong with ppl !??!

  14. I know he’s injured badly. I know he’s in tremendous pain. I know that I would probably do the same in his situation. But hearing someone screeching like that just sets something off in me. It makes me like illogically and ridiculously mad and idk why.

  15. DAAAAMN every time I watch this I grab my shoulder and say SHEEESH 😭 I was be traumatized after that

  16. I had a classmate back in grade school who fell into those pointy steel fences. His abdomen was pierced but he survived anyway. Doctor said no internal organs were punctured and he got extremely lucky.

  17. This reminds me of last week of that video of that dumbass dude who climbed a spiked fence and impaled himself under the chin just like in the movie Hot Fuzz 😯😯 or even worse when makemycoffin was around on reddit was a dude fell from 2+ story window and his arm hit a spiked fence and ripped off faster than you can say Jackie Blue

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