Harry Potter gets hit with the killing curse his seventh year. Instead of going back.. he says nah I’m tired and gets on the train to death or whatever. But Voldemort’s horcrux soul sliver takes over Harry’s body and wakes up to Hagrid carrying him

  1. Imagine the shard kills the original Voldemort, not out of a sense of decency or anything, but to get rid of the competition. He wouldn’t even need to do anything else to take over, his reputation would be like “the second coming of Dumbledore”, he could do anything he wanted and people would never suspect him.

  2. "Mr. Potter, are you all right?" Professor Flitwick asked the slowly waking student. "You were hit again by a Killing Curse, yet here you are. Fascinating!"

  3. I remember reading a story with this exact premise, but failed to find it or remember pretty much anything :( except

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