1. It’s funny, bc we get raped kidnapped and murdered for walking alone at night, and most of us don’t agree with that lady 😂😂 any excuse to mock womens suffering lol

  2. The same woman that scream idc is the same woman on tinder swiping right on cat fish picture of guys with bio that said I'm 6 feet, 6 inches, and built like Chris Hemsworth. A creature of hypocrisy and no self esteem, same woman get offended when they get asked about their weight.

  3. Well, we aint doing it for you lady. We do it for us, so that we can get that cripling bodydismorphia/megarexia. What else lol

  4. As a woman watching that, I legit said, who tf thinks they’re doing it for women. Why are people like this!! Everyone needs to stop being so weird about bodybuilding. Nobody is doing it for anyone but themselves.

  5. Loads of dudes get into the gym to “attract the ladies” me included years ago… then after a year realisation comes 90% of women dont care in the least. Thats when lots of young gymgoers stop and more focussed people keep going who start to do it out of habit/ addiction/ betterment of themselves.

  6. Its funny how in the end she asks Who are you doing it for,women dont care. Its like bitch I'm not doing it for you. Some women are so self centered. They think everything revolves around them

  7. I love the illustrated anger and frustration from lack of shlongus bongus. Can confirm she got dumped from a fellow gymbro💀

  8. Y’all really giving an analysis on a meme lol. Sexist jokes are funny. Obviously women are at a disadvantage but it’s a JOKE

  9. As a female who finds the time to workout at the gym every single day, I interpret this as she’s jealous and unhappy with the shape of her own body.

  10. Women do like it tho and they can’t tell it’s my whole personality cuz I play it down infront of the hoes

  11. Yeah the pics were hilarious. "Women don't want muscles" Yeah but these guys have muscles and it sells a lot of jeans, so explain that!" Like, what?

  12. I’m doing it for me but in spite of what she said, my wife seems quite fond of my improved physique.

  13. if i did it for woman i would have stoped 1 year in, you don't need that much to be above average and the confidence boost helps a ton. But i don't wanna be just average, i grew to admire the physicques of pros, and even if i never make it there i wanna see what im capable of, i love this, they don't get it.

  14. I agree, what the woman was saying was dumb. Lots of guys bodybuild for themselves, just like how lots of women apply makeup that guys “don’t care about/don’t find attractive” because they don’t do it for the approval of men, it’s for themselves. Undercutting that message with a “women jealous because they won’t get attacked at night” seriously misses the mark. But hey it’s “just a meme bro” so who gives a shit right.

  15. Exactly, girls starting to take double takes, staring and talking to me hasn’t affected shit (used to be invisible lmfao). I’m still muscle dysmorphic and I’m still gonna go gym w the bros.

  16. My parents in a nutshell… “those protein shakes are bad for you” - my dad while he was chugging his 2nd can of coca cola…

  17. This is literally one of the reasons I started working out again. I’m just sitting here watching tv and scrolling Reddit. May as well do something.

  18. We scare them bcuz we remind them of the body they wanna have but don't wanna work for it, It's ezear to put other down after all, shame for them, we can't hear them over our pump.

  19. Because people who do and look good make them look lazy. They wish everyone would lower their standards so that their laziness wouldn’t be so evident

  20. I agree with the meme overall, this gals opinion is cringe, but the reason women cant walk around at night is (a minority) men, if this was about something women have an intrinsic advantage in it would be downvoted to hell

  21. I'm a man that can deadlift 200 kg and I STILL would never walk by myself at night. If not for murderers then Slenderman is definitely out there somewhere

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