Gym gods have struck down yet another crossfitter

  1. That's called CHEATING, he's just bouncing around putting as little stress in his biceps and back. Let's see if he can do that many using proper form.

  2. While deployed a person I worked with had to go home because her husband did this shit and the rack snapped and he fell and broke his neck.

  3. If you liking getting fit, then injured so kind of out of shape, and then fit again until you get injured again...wash, rinse, repease, crossfit.

  4. Can someone tell me the general hate towards CrossFit? They been playing CrossFit games at the gym and it looked interesting.

  5. When crossfits founder looks like a expired bag of mashed potatoes, this is the type of results you can expect from the movement.

  6. I feel you. There’s a guy at my gym who does everything with about 10% range of motion, and not enough weight for resistance. No exaggeration. Next to no weight and doesn’t move the bar (or whatever) hardly 10%. Except tying up a machine for nothing, I don’t know why it bothers me. 3 years I’ve been watching this shit. In 3 years I’ve made massive gains. He looks exactly the same. Of course. I want to scream at him: “can’t you see this???” But alas, it’s none of my business 🤷‍♂️

  7. It’s like none of these people can do a proper pull-up. All that slinging your body is ridiculous. Unless you are an elite athlete/MMA fighter you are more than likely to injure yourself than you are to get “fit”. Most of these gyms are filled with not so good looking people attempting things they ought not.

  8. I know that people here like to talk shit about cross fitters, and I'm really into calisthenics so the sanctity of a strict and proper pull up is sacred to me.

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