Allow Me To Introduce Myself. I'm The Last Person On Earth Who Still Loves New 1911's

  1. You don't have to resort to the "I just think it's neat" argument. 1911's have some aspects that make it an absolutely excellent gun. The light, crisp single action trigger. The grip angle and ergos have been the standard for generations. The accuracy you're getting isn't a mistake, it's an amazingly accurate handgun, which is why it's been a favorite for competition shooters for a hundred years. The list goes on.

  2. Many 1911's are more accurate because of the trigger. Imo the 1911 trigger is second to none. Straight backwards pull that can be tailored to whatever weight you want. I will always love my glocks and sig's. But the 1911 trigger is what all handguns should try to be. For a glock to have as good of a trigger would need a full redesign of the pistol. And really there is no reason to. I think browning would love the simplistic design of glock. At the end of the day use what you want. My 1911 is a range toy. My glock is a ccw and bedside gun. Same with my sig.

  3. I’ve got several I use this line on that are much more questionable. Thinking it’s neat is 100% valid for having, well, anything.

  4. If you like guns to like guns, you should get a ride 1911 or 2011 platform. They’re a pleasure to shoot and in my opinion, you’re missing out if you haven’t at least tried one out. Doesn’t have to be .45 ACP, doesn’t have to be mil-spec or enhanced.

  5. Trying to find a newer 1911 in a shorter barrel than the standard 5" model, with the GI-style short beavertail, seems to be impossible.

  6. Fuck you, I put in my alchemy order 7 months ago lol. If anything the worst people on here are the cz fanbois that mock glock people for adding aftermarket stuff and all of them need Cajun’s in order for the gun not to be terrible. There is a reason the platform is making a comeback. 1911 for lyfe

  7. I shoot my tisas turkish 1911a1 more than any gun I've had almost. Paid $400 for it back about 3 years ago. The gun has never once jammed aside from trying to feed flat nosed hollowpoints. A cheap reliable gun is the most American thing a man could ask for.

  8. I will never get rid of my Para 1911. I don't carry it daily, and haven't shot it since 2019, but I'm a firm believer that every collection needs at least one 1911.

  9. Born in 2006 and I still prefer the good old Remington 870 tac-14 bc it’s technically a pistol still some how but ima roll with it

  10. What kind of self-respecting akshual Fudd would call it "the cap on the recoil spring" and not, you know, by its proper name? (Gotta have the pre-Series 70 recoil spring plug with the GI-pattern hole for retention, muh two world wars)

  11. Gen Z here, I still say the m1911 is one of my favorite handguns. That said, I think the FNX-45 has surpassed it in actual capability.

  12. One thing I have to say is the following: 1911 lovers, just like CZ ones, are basically going to spend half their time telling you that they are fans of the platform, why they are fans of the platform, and why you should too.

  13. To me cz people are like the mlm huns of the gun community. They try to get you into their cleanses and whatever else.

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